Blockbuster Game Pass Debacle

I decided to get a blockbuster game pass so I could catch up on games that I have been missing as of late. I’ve moved away from purchasing games unless I really want to make a committment to playing them long term. Since I haven’t really played too many games long term, I figured this game pass would work out great.

You can basically have 2 games out at a time and you can keep them out as long as you like. I was really excited, $34 is not bad if you check out 5 or more games in a month.

So I checked out Scarface for the Xbox and the game crashed constantly. I decided to check out the disc and I was amazed at how many scratches were on the disc.  I take very good care of my games, so I am used to looking at a pristine disc.

So I took it back and figured I’d try another disc. The dude showed me another one with less scratches, but still quite a bit. I figured it was worth a try, and I began to realize at this point that ALL of these games were probably going to be in this kind of shape. I also checked out another game – Madden 2007 for the PS2. Sure enough the same thing happened, I couldn’t play for too long before the Scarface game would crash. Same thing with Madden 2007. I have a slim PS2 in very good condition and I’m really not used to any games I have crashing.

I brought the disc back to blockbuster and let them know that  I had now checked out 3 games and none worked. I told them that I was beginning to wonder if it was worth the $34 if I’ve not even been able to play a game to this point. The manager asked me if my PS2 was in good condition which seemed ridiculous since these discs looked like they’d be scoured with a brillo pad or something.  So I asked to cancel my gamepass and she agreed, and I had thought that she agreed to refund the $34. But when I got home I realized that it didn’t show a credit on my receipt. So, I’ll be heading back there tonight to get that refund or fight. I am preparing for the worst, which is them refusing to refund my money. To this point, I’ve not gotten anything of worth. I’ve actually bought aggravation, I wasn’t aware that they were selling me that.


7 Responses to Blockbuster Game Pass Debacle

  1. Ken says:

    You are correct…it is very frustrating. I have the same experience with DVD rentals. For some reason, because they don’t own them, people allow them to just get destroyed. A lot of them actually look like they were used as cup holders. It’s too bad they don’t have a way to hold people accountable for the wear and tear on discs, but it would probably just be more trouble than it’s worth.

  2. Jovette says:

    Sorry to hear your woes. I used to work at Blockbuster and it is true a lot of their games are scratched. Most of the people that rent the games are parents who let their kids play it. So there basically not cared for well.

    I’ve had great success with GameFly. Do a search, i’m not trying to advertise to you. =P But the games that i have gotten have been pristine and pretty much close to perfect. But then again, iIve been only renting Playstation 3 games and they are much harder to scratch and geared towards an older gamer audience.

  3. Lin says:

    You all need to have the Blockbuster service that we have in Florida. We have courtesy and great customer service.

  4. Dan says:

    3 games and still nogo? Wouldn’t you stop and think it might be your issue and not theirs? Games are made to withstand quiet a bit.

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  7. pedro ramoz says:

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