Lady Sovereign – What is this ?

So I am watching the MTV New Years Eve show, and on comes this girl rapper called Lady Sovereign.

Lady Soverign

It was the most annoying performance I’ve seen in a while. The song was “Love me or Hate me” and the hook being “Thank yooooooouuuuuu”. I think the name of the song means that she’s probably already come to grips with the fact that a large amount of people will hate her. To be honest, it was kind of catchy, but I wanted it to stop almost immediately. I think I’ll stand with the people who hate her music… Thank yoooouuuu!!

I figure if I am going to bash her, I might as well give you a link to her profile on myspace so you can check out her music :

Lady Sovereign – MySpace


2 Responses to Lady Sovereign – What is this ?

  1. Dwayne says:

    I really like Love me or hate me. Ive never seen the performance or video but I really like it, and I give her lyrics and her song 4/5 star ratings. An yuh done know seh a Dwayne from Jaweeda (Jamaica) seh day; yo LATA!!!

  2. C. Conway says:

    I love her music – love me or hate me is one of my faviorites but take a look at my other faviorites here:

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