Saddam Hanging – Cellphone video

I will start by saying that I love this day and age that I live in. Within 24 hours of Saddam being hung, cellphone video footage emerged on Google Video :

Saddam Hanging

I actually expected it to be on YouTube, but it appears that they have deleted all the instances of it that has been posted to this point.

Why is the media so afraid of making this video available to the masses ? Maybe it would deter a few aspiring dictators with a penchant for torturing and killing people.

Is this really how we want to remember Saddam :Saddam and his junk

I think you look at the hanging video and you almost forget that this picture exists. I would even venture to say that even Saddam might choose the hanging video to be remembered by over this pic if he had been given the choice.


13 Responses to Saddam Hanging – Cellphone video

  1. TED says:


  2. Adil says:

    Shame on the ‘civilised’ Americans who think that they humiliate and hang any person who dare to stand before them.

  3. slimslaby says:

    Should Saddam have some shame for killing his own citizens ? In what way was that “civilized” ?

    I would agree, that we don’t have any place in dealing with Iraq’s business. But I don’t feel sorry for Saddam in the least. Karma or whatever came back around to give him his due, he had alot of blood on his hands. no?

    I understand you being upset with Americans in general, but please don’t use Saddam’s fate as your soapbox for preaching civilized actions.

  4. Who told you guys that your “civilization” has no “blood in his hands”?

    I am not telling that Saddam Hussein is right, but when he killed his own people he was supported by USA, the “civilized” ones.

    Saddam Hussein was a dictador in Iraq because it was interesting to USA, in that moment, have a tirane controlling Iraq. The same way that in the 60’s and 70’s was interesting to USA to have tiranes in south america, Africa and Asia, torturing and killing people. Saddam was the president of Iraq b’cos of a revolution paid with north-american money.

    Everyone who reads and thinks knows that this war is not about “the evil Saddam” and all his barbaries, but because he started selling petroleum in euro, not in dollar. this tendency can become a check mate in the actual monatary international system, used by USA to explore the whole world: everyone has to buy and sell things using a money printed by USA. Imagine if you could print everyone’s money… everyone would work FOR you, almost as slaves. That’s what happens in the international system. Don’t you think about that!?

    There is people dieing everyone. Why not a war against famine or poverty? get out this MTV life you live and face the real world.

  5. And Adil is right.

    now what? will you put his head in a center town?

    That judgment was illegal! you create a law to judge your enemy…lol.. sounds more like a joke. that wasn’t a international Court but a country one ruled by the new government.

    Now you may say that Saddam Hussein didn’t follow the rules either. But if you are so “civilized”, you shouldn’t do the same.

    That picture above is not talking against Saddam, but against our own “civilization” itself.

  6. slimslaby says:

    Davi… first, don’t talk about this as if I’ve made any decisions.

    Saddam might have done some good things, but he also killed a bunch of people. In my mind, he deserves whatever he gets.

    If you don’t like America, so be it. But I have killed nobody.

    Do I think our government is pure and completely civilized ? surely not. Do I feel bad for Saddam… surely not.

    The picture above is a dictator in his underwear. It’s humorous. Hitler in his underwear… I’m laughing.

    So if you have a problem with me not having sympathy for dictators, I can live with that. But don’t turn this into something it’s not about. It’s about a dictator in his underwear. Find a soapbox on a blog that is a little more serious and you might find an audience.

    Here…. I write about Fat Head Rosie O’Donnell, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lady Sov and the Jelly Donut… the 1051 lb pig. Get where I’m going with this ??

    If you can’t find some humor in the above pic, then you probably don’t find many other completely hilarious things humorous.

  7. virgo says:

    u civilized americans r so ful of shit y not hang ur selves can u gevi life? y take it?

  8. slimslaby says:

    Why don’t you ask one of Sadaam’s victims what they think about the hanging…. oh.. wait, they aren’t alive to give an opinion like you or I.

    Sadaam got what he gave… I feel no remorse for him. Only the people who lost loved ones by his hand.

  9. slimslaby… It’s been a long time since I wrote this. I just found it around now and decided to answer you again.

    I am not against north americans, of course, but against this force in the system and the way the media puts topics like that. Do I agree with Saddam? No! I also think that he should die (as he did). But if he should die, so many people who also killed innocents should die by the same way, but no, they are heroes. No one killed an american president b’cos of the orange agent that STILL nowadays killing children in Vietnan. No one killed who sold Saddam’s weapons. However, even thinking that he should die, I don’t think I am able to tell who must die. I would rather to say who should live, the number of children’s death in Iraq increased now!

    I know your blog is about humour, but it has its limits. imagine if some iraq TV started making jokes of the people who died in WTC or the north americans killed in your wars around the world. I perfectly know that you haven’t killed anyone, but your country did it, your people voted, you are supposed to live in a democracy, and even considering that you are all innocents (and I agree with that in a certain point) and that you all disagree with murdering of any kind, the history will remember this moments, unfortunally, as the wars the north americans did, as the romans, the mongols, the germans…

  10. Watt says:

    The Photo and the video proof once more that many Americans have a very low standard of decency and culture … disgusting.

  11. Thomas says:

    It’s weird.. USA decide, without Iraq posing ANY THREAT AT ALL, to go into their country, bomb their city and kills thousand of civilians, take their president, and hang him….. i mean… what.. wheres the good in that? I know that the american view on stuff is “Everyone who stands in our way will get stomped to the ground” and that you make every average western person believe is correct. Dont you think thats why 9/11 happened? Some people are tired of you being the policeman of the world, and they have the balls to stand up against you. I dont say that i agree with killing civilians, but really.. When has any American civilian ever died in their own country because of war? except the civil war ofcourse.. you dont know how it is to be attacked, you just sit over there sending your disgusting troops around the world, with no idea that everyone hates you.

  12. Liette says:

    Wow. You…are ignorant.

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