Teddy or New Teddy ?

Luke has grown attatched to a blanket-type object that has a Teddy bear head/arms on it. Not uncommon for a 2 year old to become attached to something such as this, but as a concerned parent you ponder what happens when Teddy ceases to exist. Mainly because Teddy is beginning to fall apart and kind of smells. So I’ve already begun taking steps to prepare for such an event. Enter “New Teddy”.

Teddy and New Teddy

I am going to trust that it’s quite clear which one is New Teddy in the picture above. I was really hoping that we could find a newer Teddy and just swap him out, but we weren’t able to locate the same “Teddy”.
So the task is to now convince Luke that New Teddy is far superior to Teddy. I think an unbiased child would most definitely choose New Teddy, just based on his superior hygiene. But after some research I’ve actually found that Teddy has some attributes that New Teddy might not be able to deliver on.

  1. Teddy’s head has squeaking technology. You squeeze his head and it makes a noise.
  2. New Teddy’s eyes seemed to be always closed. I’ve not been able to get the feeling that I’ve made eye contact with New Teddy, so I’m not sure how the bonding will occur without solid eye contact. He might even think that new Teddy is not actually alive or always sleeping.

It’s a dilemna, but I will move forward on trying to expedite the changeover even though I myself am not fully convinced that New Teddy is superior.

Currently we’ve introduced him to New Teddy and he now actually carries around both Teddies. So I don’t think we thought about what to do if he doesn’t think a decision is required. For now I am going to just let him get to know New Teddy and see if maybe he decides on his own that he no longer needs Teddy. If that doesn’t happen naturally, I might have to find ways to make Teddy less appealing. (Apparently smell is not a deterrent.)


2 Responses to Teddy or New Teddy ?

  1. astronomicat says:

    was the title a play on flight of the conchords? if so, LOL, if not, I hate you

    • slimslaby says:

      well, this is not really – but I don’t want you to hate me!

      But, I Love Flight of the Conchords, so maybe subconsciously it got there in a relational way.

      Hey.. check out my new home for the blog — http://myadd.smallzworld.com

      I don’t really post here anymore — except like now, to kind of lead you to the other site where you can love or hate me based on my subconscious ability to write posts that play on a concept from the flight of th conchords.

      You can hate me and love me, that is possible.

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