Chicago Bears -When will we stop featuring weakness ?

This last game of the regular season against the Packers was a complete disgrace. When does Lovie Smith wake up and realize that we don’t need to focus heavily on having a passing game ? Maybe it’s just me, but does Grossman look like a Super Bowl QB in this picture ? I think it’s time to end the charade.


In the preseason I thought it was very odd that Lovie Smith seemed to just hand the starting QB job to Grossman, even though Griese seemed to be the more capable based on performance. Now we are heading to the playoffs with a major question mark at QB. What happened to making a young player earn his position ?


Cedric Benson runs for 109 yard on 18 carries, and we throw 5 interceptions with our passing game. Isn’t it quite clear which is our strength ? I think that most coaches would agree that you should keep running the ball until the other team can stop it. Why take risks that you don’t need to take ?

It’s going to be interesting to see what the Bears gameplan is for their first playoff game. I still honestly believe that we could beat any team as long as we focus on running the ball and play a field position game. Why take risks in the passing game if we don’t have to ?Favre

I do respect Brett Favre, and he quite possibly be the best QB of all-time. But the Packers winning this game was more about us featuring weakness and neglecting our strengths.


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