Razors – Why are they so expensive ??

I am sure this question is asked by anyone who buys razor replacements at some time or another. My Gillette Fusion razor replacements cost $20 for 8. That’s over $2 each. I understand that it’s the power of 5 blades and a precision trimmer blade on the back, all at my immediate disposal. But do they really cost that much to make ??


It’s gotten to the point where you have to get someone to open a security case at the store to get your blades. Do a search on ebay for Gillete Fusion razors and you’ll realize that they are as reliable a currency as Gold in many ways. Everyone uses them, and we don’t really scrutinize the cost like we do other products.

Now they even tag them with little spy chips that are used to signal a camera to take your picture — in case you are a thief.


Gillete Spychips

GPS razor protection can’t be far off. I think that would make a great episode of “Cops”, tracking down a razor thief.


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