XO, the $100 laptop — social networking for 3rd world children!!

The XO has been touted as the $100 latptop that they’ll be supplying for kids in Thailand, Libya, and other developing countries.


“When the student opts to view the entire “neighborhood” — the XO’s preferred term instead of “desktop” — other stick figures in different colors might appear on the screen. Those indicate schoolmates who are nearby, as detected by the computers’ built-in wireless networking capability.

Moving the PC’s cursor over the classmates’ icons will pull up their names or photos. With further clicks the students can chat with each other or collaborate on things — an art project, say, or a music program on the computer, which has built-in speakers.”

It sounds like a mobile MySpace. I don’t think it’s a such bad idea to teach these kids in 3rd world countries some social networking skills. Isn’t that just what they need ?

I’m not exactly sure why I want one, but I do!


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