Circumnavigating the globe and things of that nature

Ken Barnes

I read on CNN this morning about a sailor, Ken Barnes, who set out to circumnavigate the globe in his sailboat — by himself. Now it turns out that his boat is damaged and he’s lost at sea.

I am always amazed at why people see the need to do these types of things by themselves. Obviously, his wife didn’t want to make the trip with him, probably because it was going to take almost a year to complete.

He’s got to be some rich dude, who else could take a year off work to sail around the world ??? I kind of feel sorry for the family, but I’m having some trouble mustering up sympathy for Ken. I am going to venture to say that his ego probably played a large part in him setting sail by himself. For the record, I hope he survives, but only if he’s learned his lesson.

Grizzly Man Cover

It’s kind of similar to that guy who went to live with grizzly bears and consequently got mauled/killed. I saw that documentary on Discovery channel, I believe it was called “Grizzly Man”. With all the amazing camera technology nowadays where you can be a football field away from a grizzly and get a good shot, I don’t see much need in being close enough for the grizzly to kill you. His girlfriend gets killed with him too. She actually probably could have lived, but instead of running she tried to hit the bear with a frying pan. I don’t think it went over really well with the grizzly, and I’d say you pretty much seal the deal on a pending mauling when you hit a grizzly with a frying pan.

.Grizzly man

He also befriends a young fox, which I think might possibly have been his biggest mistake. If you are living amongst grizzlies you shouldn’t associate with smaller animals as it can give larger animals the impression that you are lower on the food chain than you really are. If you aren’t as quick,clever, and evasive as a fox, don’t hang with them.


Steve Irwin is another example of taking some bigger risks than your really need to take. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the guy. But I don’t think I’ve watched his show once and not hoped that something would catch him good so he’d wake up and realize that he’s just showing off. He had a wife and kids for heavens sake. You have to start thinking about maybe not pulling the stingray’s tail to display your expertise. The media seemed to make it out as if it was a “freak accident”. Yet, as a non stingray expert, I think that even I could understand that pulling the tail might be dangerous. Let’s be honest, isn’t that why he did it ??

Ok, I think my A.D.D. really took me on a tangent there, but aren’t these men all “simliar” in some respect ?


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