Comcast OnDemand as an alternative to Blu-Ray / HD-DVD


I’m not sure why Comcast hasn’t expanded it’s OnDemand service even more than it has already. Given that I’d say I believe most would actually prefer it over Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. I already get some HD content via OnDemand, just not a large enough variety to make it comparable to renting/buying a HD format disc.

I believe that if Comcast cuts the right deals, they could really take a huge chunk of this market based on convenience alone. I don’t want to download to my PC, go out and rent, or even use a NetFlix service. I would much prefer to sit on the couch with my remote and just choose what I want to watch.

I’ve already seen very high quality HD content on my HDTV via comcast, so I don’t feel like I am getting any more quality out of these new media formats. If Comcast delivers variety to go with the convenience, I don’t see the sense in buying one of these new players.


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