YouTube is grandma’s best friend

This is about as odd as it gets. I somehow became transfixed on this video on YouTube as I was trying to convince myself that it was a joke. But about 4 minutes in I began to realize that even though this lady kind of looks like Andy Dick, she’s definitely for real. There’s no cats in there, so YouTube might be a viable replacement for cats in an old person’s life.

I guess she’s just gotten her 21st subscriber and decided to give shout outs to all the subscribers that go her there. Is it just me or is it odd to hear a grandma giving a shout out to OhShutUP. I’m proud to say that I believe I am subscriber #22, but I’ll have to confirm that with Grams. She’s got a whole slew of videos “similar” to this one.

This video gave me a sudden urge to convince grandma that I think she needs to add some more flavor to her broadcasts. I’m going to pitch myself as a producer, I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’ll post my shout out if she gives me props.


It appears that even YouTube cannot replace the cat, sorry for jumping the gun! I also confirmed that I am indeed #22 and unfortunately Mr. Pugsley has passed away…


One Response to YouTube is grandma’s best friend

  1. grams1944 says:

    whatever happened to you?

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