Potty Training – Pee Pee first.

Thanks to you who gave me advice on the whole potty training thing. Mandi suggested putting a tennis ball in the toilet and using that as target practice. Which is extremely good advice because it seems that I was actually focusing on the #2 first, given that I thought he had more control over holding that and it’s far more visibly clear why it needs to be in the toilet.

Tennis ball

I briefed my wife on the concept of putting a tennis ball in the toilet, and she says she remembered her parents putting cheerios in the toilet to train his brother. I’m not sure how I feel about him associating his potty with food, so I think I am going to use my veto power on this one. — Guys have veto power when it comes to male children, or at least that’s going to be the case I plead.

So what should I use ? I think I want something that can be destroyed by the urine stream. I believe that will give him a sense of power in taking a piss like a big boy. I’m gonna have to think about that, I think it’s worth waiting a day to feel confident that what I toss in my toilet is going to work.

Today he actually made a big step in that he actually assumed the position and seemed intent on taking his first piss in the toilet. It was right before his bath, so I figured I always have to pee before a shower. My wife came in and I think he got gun shy, so he abandonded the mission. Sure enough as soon as he was in the tub, he took a leak.

Which makes me wonder why my son has no reaction to fecal matter. When he was about a year and a half old, he had diarrhea and I had to get him to the bathtub. I could barely hold him because I was gagging. I was holding him as far away from my body as I could as he cried. But I wondered later why he wasn’t gagging. It’s like kids are immune to stench. I guess you have to be when 20% of the time you are walking around with a load in your diaper.


One Response to Potty Training – Pee Pee first.

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    If you see your dog turning in circles or sniffing the ground take
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