Scarface – Excellent Game

I finished playing Scarface for the Xbox, and I’d have to say it’s one of the best games of this type that I have played. I was prepared for it to be garbage like most games based on movies. But this one was actually far better than I could have expected and I prefer it over the Grand Theft Auto series. (Yes)

It is very similar to GTA in many ways, but they actually fixed things that annoyed me about GTA. The biggest being the targeting which is atrocious on GTA.

One aspect that shines head and shoulders above GTA is the voice acting and the attitude of Tony Montana. They do a good job of  making sure that he reacts to everything vocally and even using the cellphone to call your driver is entertaining.

Many of the shootout missions are just great fun. After you kill an enemy, you can choose to taunt them, and therefore adding balls to your rage meter. When your rage meter is full, you can basically go into a rage  — unlimited ammo and invincibility. It’s very satisfying when you are in the mode, it’s a blood bath.

The Miami game world is comparable in size to Vice City, and looks better in my opinion. A nice addition is you fly to the islands to take over the columbian drug world. No need to give this a grade, you should just play it. It took me a while to get around to this one because I pretty much thought it was going to disappoint.

Nothing more satisfying that pulling out the big guns and here Tony say “Say hello to my little friend…” It never got old.


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