Why not make an example of Paris Hilton ?

It appears that Paris Hilton has plead innocent to charges of drunk driving back in Sept of 06. She was on her way to get a In-N-Out Burger and said that she had only 1 margarita.

Her spokesman has said that her blood alcohol level registered “the absolute minimum amount of alcohol in your system that would justify an arrest.”  Doesn’t that pretty much say it all ? That statement seems to indicate that some leeway should be given.

I see lots of drunk driving advertising on TV, so it would seem that alot of our tax dollars is being spent on handling the drunk driving issue. They could actually get alot of “free advertising” of the best kind by making an example of Paris Hilton. Doesn’t that send a message that if she can’t get away with it, you definitely won’t ?

The sentence could be as stiff as 6 months in jail. That won’t happen, but that’s some reality TV I wouldn’t mind watching – The Not So Simple Life.

In-N-Out burgers, by the way, are definitely the best burgers out there.


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