YouTube – Defending VioletKitty411

NOTE — Some of these videos no longer exist, I apologize for this.  Trust me, they are all crazy.

I think I might have stumbled upon a very disturbing side of the YouTube craze. In my short excursion on YouTube today I discovered a number of people that I am now begging someone to tell me are just acting. In some way or another all these people are connected through their profiles. You know what they say, Bird of a feather…

In case you have never had a chance to really explore the outbacks of YouTube, I will bring you one of the highlights of my trip in this one post :

Main character — VioletKitty411

From what I can gather she has been cyberstalked by somebody under numerous screennames mostly relating to balls of different sizes.

Enter ThrasherAleX — Replies to the above video to defend her honor. I contend that he might actually be scarier than the balls guy, and I really don’t think it takes too much to put a shirt on before making your video.

Enter Grams44 — She shares her wisdom on the subject and expresses her support in this situation.

Enter Grimli — Comes to defend her from his couch while smoking a pipe. REALLY!!! He offers his support and encourages the balls dude to come after him. Oh yeah, he called him “lame” too.

UpDownMostly steps to the plate — Clearly the intellectual of the group. The wall behind him makes me think that he could capable of making bombs.

mcguck is next — he brings a religious flavor to the discussion, encouraging prayer for both victim and stalker.

Wheels105 — Appears to be a stutterer/twitcher. “Either leave her alone or pay for the consequences… jerk”

Vipor231 — Turn the friggin lights on guy!!! I’m sure they are off to ensure that no one can determine where he is or maybe it’s just easier than cleaning up.

TheProphetofMayhem — Voices his opinion that VioletKitty411 should seek out a shrink.

I still can’t get past how odd it sounds when they call each other by their screennames.


5 Responses to YouTube – Defending VioletKitty411

  1. degenerateleftist says:

    You’ve made my day.
    Tomorrow I’ll probably just cry all day though because these people exist.

  2. arsenalist says:

    This is the greatest post ever. Your comments are just hilarious.

  3. slimslaby says:

    Is there any good that can come from all these people communicating with each other ? I suggest to you that nothing good can come of it.

  4. Francine says:


    Apparently, Miller was even hired by Hitachi as a consultant to give

  5. Jed says:

    Kitty is an actress & can be abit of a power princess, who seems to enjoy playing, kick-the-can, with some anonymous tuber or fictious subject.
    When her merry band of creep/nerds, decide to join in – kitty probably breaths, a sigh of accomplishment.

    Now the Andrea/kitty persona is getting cooked abit, since Jeff/yokeup (aka,knuckleheadreview) has a similar idea…

    Soaps, anyone?

    Welcome to the backyard of Utube.

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