Apple’s iPhone

I’m not much of a cell phone person, but the new IPhone looks pretty cool. If you are going to buy a phone solely on looks, you’ll end up with this phone hands down.

Some features of note :

  • Widescreen – it has motion sensors that switch to widescreen when you have it sideways.
  • Touch screen – you basically do everything with your finger. (Of course none of the screenshots show the finger smudges you’ll see when you use that feature all day long)
  • Safari Browser to browse the internet – Not sure if it supports flash.
  • It’s pretty much an Ipod Video as you can store music and video.

I don’t think that I would ever buy this phone as it’s too expensive. But did I mention it looks cool ? I would have thought Sony made this phone if someone didn’t tell me it was an IPhone.


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