Do we want a Dual Format HD Disc ?

Warner Home Video announced the release of a dual format HD Disc that supports HDDVD, and Blu Ray. Kind of irritating that they try to sell this as a solution, when the real solution is consumers making a choice about which format best fits their needs – capability/price. I still ask the same question I did in an earlier post – Do we want two formats ?

Warner mentions that less store space would be used by retailers since only one disc would be needed. So I have to ask, “What about the players ?”. If we support two players, isn’t there going to be more shelf space devoted to the various HD DVD and Blu Ray players ? Seems that it’d be cheaper for retailers to have to only sell players for one format.

This dual format would also require mastering for both formats, so that is another extra cost as compared to one format.

Bottom line is that this dual format is an attempt to solve a problem that should solve itself when a format is chosen by the masses. Buying into this concept only costs you more money because a % of money goes to supporting a format whose player you don’t even own.

Do we really want another format ? Dual format players and media is not the answer in my opinion. I personally think the next logical step is content being streamed to us via our Cable/Satellite/Other TV provider. Look at the music industry as an example. What has downloadable content done to that industry ? I don’t think I’ve bought a single physical CD in over a year and I am more satisfied with the convenience of buying music via download. I think the masses have spoken on that already as well.

Also, Do we really need an ugly dual-color case that constantly reminds us that we are supporting two formats with our purchase ?


One Response to Do we want a Dual Format HD Disc ?

  1. tischzr says:

    The optical disc format war has just begun. Competition won’t hurt, though it’s too early to tell, and it seems it’s the consumer will suffer the most from this. But only in the beginning. I don’t think a dual-format is really feasible because a compromise among competing companies could be their downfall, even if it will please the consumers.

    Re: the dual color, it only works on that Superman case. 😛 Haha.

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