Comcast Tivo Box at CES

Comcast showed off the new HD Tivo box they’ll be offering to their customers come spring 2007.  I should note that it’s not actually a new box, but it’s the same hardware box that Comcast currently uses, with Tivo software instead of the current software. You’ll supposedly be able to just go through a download process that will upate your existing Motorola 6400 HDTV box with the new TV software.

They noted that it will not support KidZone, remote scheduling, or home network capabilities of your standard Tivo boxes on the market. I like the home networking capabilities that I have with my Series 2 Tivo,  so that’s a bit of  a disappointment.  I have been putting off buying a Tivo HD while waiting for this Comcast Tivo, and now I kind of have mixed reaction.

I was hoping that the Tivo box would be a completely new unit with more storage, the current hardware only supports about 10 hours of HDTV recording, which is simply not enough. But they also have a newer version of the 6400 box,  the 6412, that has increased storage. So I will probably request to swap out my box for a newer one.

I didn’t see any definitive reports on the responsiveness of the new Tivo-style remote. Easily the most annoying thing about the current comcast box/remote is the lag between pushing a button and the actual function being executed. Sometime they even queue the presses up and then just as you are cursing the box for not reacting at all, it then executes all of the presses consecutively — and more cursing ensues. If this turns out to be a hardware issue, and therefore isn’t something that can be fixed via the Tivo software, it’ll be a huge disappointment.


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