Potty Training Progress

Luke has been making steps towards potty trained status. I think my biggest problem is that I just don’t know when he’s gonna want to go, so it’s impossible for me to encourage him at the right time. I’ve encouraged him to let me know when he has to make a dookie or go pee-pee, but I don’t think he’s prioritizing this quite the same as I am.  He seems quite comfortable with the flexibility of being able to take a piss at any given moment and anywhere he chooses. When described in that manner, it almost seems appealing to me as well.

My wife said that she got him on the toilet the other day and seemed ready to do some work. He basically kept looking down into the toilet to see if there was any potty in there. Is it possible that he doesn’t understand that he is in control of the potty making ? Maybe he thinks that when Daddy goes it’s a magic trick.

I do think we are making progress though. I have begun taking his diapers to the toilet and I put the dookies in there and let him flush them. He really seems to get excited about the flushing. Hopefully that leads to excitement about filling up that toilet instead of his diaper.


4 Responses to Potty Training Progress

  1. You know, a LOT of kids really don’t know how that brown blob got in their diaper. Often why a boy sees himself pee for the fist time it is a little bit of a shock. You ought to try keeping the diaper off, just have him wear a shirt and give him lots of juice (oh, and you might want to play in the backyard or keep him in the kitchen on the linoleum). Then when he pees say “See? That is pee. That is what you need to do in the potty chair. Keep a potty chair or a bucket in the backyard or kitchen with you so that he can then pee in the bucket. Then he will understand what you mean by “pee in the toilet”. Otherwise he is just thinking, “I’m sitting here just like daddy does, not what do they want?”.
    Good luck!

  2. slimslaby says:

    Are you saying I should keep a toilet in the yard ?

    I think we’ll try this in the kitchen. He drinks tons of juice, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Christine - Resource Teacher says:

    Have you tried scheduled toilet training? You take the child to the bathroom and have him sit on the toilet every 90 minutes. If he voids into the toilet, then you start the 90 minutes over again…if he does not void into the toilet, take him 45minutes later. You are setting him up for more successes if you are taking him there and having him try even if he doesn’t go. (this plan works very well if it is consistent.) You can read mroe about this plan in the book “A Work in Progress” unsure of the author at this time.
    Good Luck.

  4. slimslaby says:

    I think that sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, I’m not home during the day and there are alot of 90 minute blocks that I miss.

    My wife is also usually out and about with him during the day. Maybe I’ll make it a weekend initiative.

    His 3rd Birthday is coming up and he’s still not potty-trained.

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