Found Missouri Boys’ Captor – Worked in a funeral home.

Obviously, working in a funeral home doesn’t mean you are crazy, but I think the odds might be better. Whether the craziness would come from working there or the craziness leads you to such work, I don’t really know.
I just get a feeling that there is alot more to this story of two teens abducted by this man, and as a parent it really brings up a range of emotions. Joy for these kids and their parents as this kind of thing usually ends with a funeral.  Sympathy for the kids an their parents for such a thing ever happening to them. Anger towards this man for being capable of such things.

What’s even worse is that a man like this will sometimes end up back in society at some point, and potentially do something even worse. Maybe I have just watched too many forensic files, but it seems like the guys that don’t kill the first time, sometimes kill the next time in attempt to cover tracks.

Anyone capable of this type of crime should get life in my opinion as it’s clearly a mental issue that isn’t something you cure. I understand that they might have been abused themselves as a child and some might not want to give up on them…. But you really have to protect society from them.


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