Baldwin and Basinger squealing like vile little pigs

BasingerBaldwin     Even though Baldwin’s remarks were just totally unacceptable, I get the feeling that momma Basinger is no little angel in all of this. It takes 2 to raise a vile little pig. Well, I can’t really say that the young girl is a vile little pig or not, but if she is… I’m sure that both of them have contributed to that in some way or another.

I am thinking that this is more about Kim and Alec than about their child. Both of them are acting like vile little pigs and are doing whatever they can to villify the other. The way Alec spoke about Kim — mother of his daughter — in that message is just as disturbing as calling his daughter a vile little pig. 

As much as I didn’t care at first about this whole debacle, at the moment I would definitely love to have a reality TV show based on this family. Isn’t the real viewing entertainment after the breakup occurs ? Nick and Jessica were the Newlyweds, isn’t it time for a nice reality show about a child custody battle between two Hollywood stars ? They have to live in the same house until the custody battle is completed. Could it really get any better than that ? Maybe the finale is the child voting one of the parents out of the house ??


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