Hooked on Brain Age

Brain Age BoxI recently got Brain Age for my son Jake’s Nintendo DS, and now I am hooked on it. The game tests your brain with various exercises, and then gives you a “Brain Age” based on how well you did. The optimum Brain Age is 20 according to the Doc.

So far my best score has been 22, which is quite an improvement over my initial 70 I got the first time I played.  Actually, in my opinion, my handwriting was that of a 70 year old, and my brain was probably closer to 40. Some of the exercises rely on you drawing out numbers or letters with the little stylus pen, and that can sometimes lead to making you look really dumb if your handwriting sucks.

There are also some exercises that rely on voice recognition which is kind of impressive for a little game like this. It also tracks your progress with little graphs that you can compare to other people’s data. I have been playing it with a few people in the office, so it’s fun to see ho you compare against co-workers.

Sometimes the doc also has you draw picturs of things like a firetruck, kangaroo, and even Mona Lisa. Then he’ll show you other people’s drawings as compared to yours. Thankfully he doesn’t grade you on your artistic ability, cause my pictures are pretty bad.

Brain Age Screenshot 


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