Sanjaya voted off American Idol

Sanjaya It finally happened despite Howard Stern and other supporters. I’ll have to admit that even though he definitely deserves to go, I’m gonna kinda miss watching him be horrendously bad and then waiting with anticipation for what Simon will say about his performance.

It’s too bad, cause I was hoping that they could have that crying girl back on, you know, the one that looked like a little snapping turtle. That was quality TV, and I am utterly surprised that the show didn’t book her for a front row seat for every remaining show. It’s not easy to get more air time than Simon or Seacrest, but somehow she managed to pull it off.


I also did catch the rolling of the eyes by Simon during the VT comment by Chris. Kind of ridiculous that people had to make something out of nothing. Chris basically got defensive about his nasally singing and even tried to defend it. The market only needs one Justin Timberlake, so he’s probably going to be gone within the next two weeks anyways. I am on the fence now, it’s either Melinda or Jordin. Everytime I see Jordin on stage with Ryan Seacrest, I think Ryan looks like a Hobbit or something. Is Ryan “Hobbit Small” or is Jordin “Chyna Doll Big” ?


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  1. div says:

    i feel sorry for him . American Idol returns for a sixth season and promises to be the biggest season to date. It all begins January 16, 2007 with a double premiere. Idolites can expect this season to began with the normal highs and lows as Paul, Randy, and Simon weed through grueling days trying to find the scattered performers ( a term used loosely) that actually have talent. Get more details on

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