Disneyland technology to fight war in Iraq ?

It seems like one consistency with the war in Iraq is the use of people with bombs strapped to their bodies walking into a well populated area. It made me think “What kind of defense can you have for that ?”. How do you protect yourself from a seemingly nice pregnant woman walking your way, who just might have enough explosives strapped to her to blow up a building ?

I think you have to get creative in solving problems like these. I told myself there has to be some creative ways to lessen the bloodshed in such a war. And last night, I pondered — Animatronics.


We have an enemy that’s strategy is depleting our forces in multiples — 1 nice pregnant woman can blow up 15 soldiers. Basically, it’s all a numbers game. So, if we could create more “targets”, you reduce the amount of actual bloodshed.


So if we start mixing in animatronic soldiers with real soldiers, we can reduce the death toll as well as give the impression of a larger troop presence. Do you think these people with bombs strapped on their bodies are really going to be that careful about figuring out if their targets are animatronic or not ? I think when you get talked/threatened into strapping a bomb to your body, I think you are pretty much looking to get it over with as quick as possible. I think you probably still get your virgins in heaven, cause it’s the thought that counts, right ?

It sounds silly… doesn’t it ? But, it’s really a similar concept to a dummy in a cop car parked on the side of the road, or even a scarecrow in a corn field.

Yeah… I’d codename the project “scarecrow”.


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