Heroes – Is this getting good or what ?

Heroes I was completely floored by last nights episode of Heroes, it’s now officially my favorite show. That’s saying quite a bit with the Sopranos and Entourage back in full swing. Don’t you just love these full cast pictures ?

My only question is why Mohinder didn’t kill Sylar after he knocked him out just after he killed Peter. But I guess you might be a little gushy after being plastered to the ceiling for a little while and coming face to face with death. But, then again he did shove the big board into him, so why not finish the job ?? Why stop there ?But, I am more than willing to overlook that part because Sylar is probably one of the best villains ever. You gotta admit he’s pretty resourceful, using all that glass as daggers with his telekenesis was genius. I think Peter is a good guy, but he seems to be a much slower learner than sylar. I think invisibility matched with telekenesis should pretty much trump anything Sylar has at this point. Peter just went invisible and based on the fact he was turned away when he got hit by the shard that went into his brain… he was in “flee” mode.

Unlike Lost, this episode changed alot of things and really didn’t wipe the table clean of all the mysteries you’d been exploring — with no explaination at all. This episode actually opened up a whole new set of mysteries and maintained consistency. You can tell that this story was incredibly well thought out, and they aren’t just thinking things up on the fly like what the writers for Lost seem to be doing these days.


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