Is myADD in danger ?

Last night I went to the doctor and got prescribed a medication called Adderall for my ADD. I embrace my ADD, but there are some things about it that can be pretty tough on your life. My mind is constantly taking detours and analyzing things way beyond any useful need in most cases. This makes it pretty hard for me to get to sleep, cause my mind tends to race at night making it impossible to fall asleep at night.


So, I’ll be taking the first pill this morning and I might actually function like a normal person today. The doc said that Adderall is a stimulant, which would seem to be exactly what I don’t need, but should slow my brain down and help me focus (and get to sleep easier). Maybe it works by speeding your brain up and tiring it out. I haven’t really read up on it, I got distracted by too many things last night. Maybe I can find some time to research it today when it starts working.

There are more than a few medications out there for ADD, but for some reason I am somewhat comforted by going with one that has ADD in the name of the medication. My most pressing question is regarding why it says b 972 on the back of every pill. 1/0 on the front for some reason doesn’t bother me in the least, it’s binay, therefore it has to be logical. (I’m assuming that it’s the front of the pilll…. but how does one really know)

If anyone out there has taken Adderall, I’d love to hear about your experience with this drug — like side effects or super powers it might include in it’s arsenal. Telekenesis would be a welcome side effect, but it’s more likely along the lines of some really bad diarrhea.


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