Lukey’s 3rd Birthday at Chuck E Cheeses

This was Luke’s first Birthday where he actually comprehended that it was a special day for him, and maybe even understood what it meant. When we woke up in the morning, I was making a big deal out of it being his Birthday and he exclaimed “I’m a kid!!”. So I think he understood on some level that it was a new beginning of some sort. I’m hoping that new beginning involves some potty training successes rather rapidly.


The Chuck E Cheeses that we went to seemed to be alot smaller than the last one I was at a year or two back. This one seemed a bit smaller, and lacked the larger scale attractions of the other establishment. This one had the videogames, ski-ball and some smaller rides — Bob the Builder, Barney, Chuck E Cheese, etc. They basically assume that the child wants to ride with these characters. I think one display of maturity from Luke was that he kind of seemed to not want Bob or Barney riding with him, and he wouldn’t even get in the car with Chuck E Cheese.  It was like he actually ignored Barney and Bob. I saw another kid riding with Barney and actually had his hand on Barney’s knee throughout the whole ride.

Luke’s favorite ride was the big monster truck that moved for all of like 1 minute when you put a token in. It just puzzles me why they do this. a quarter for 1 minute ??? We are eating the crappiest pizza known to man at an inflated price and we get 1 minute ?? Ok, I got 20 tokens free, so I was able to get past that and enjoy the party.


I was amazed by all these kids running around spending .25 cent tokens to collect tickets that are worth 1/50th of what the value that token . But since they have no inkling of any kind of currency exchange they seem okay with the fact that a .10 cent tootsie roll might have cost them $2. Believe me, while standing there looking at things to buy with our tickets, I was ready to talk with a manager before I caught myself. I was outraged.  I think Luke’s complete disinterest in the whole tickets situation was what sucked me in to caring about those tickets. I was the keeper of the tickets, and as they amassed in my pocket I was getting a little excited about what we might be able to get him when we were done. But… in the end, anything in our ticket range was complete and utter crap. Toys made out of the crappiest plastic you could find and in many cases very vaguely representing the intended animal or object.

 But, it was Luke’s day, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He explored every inch of the place in 30 second increments. Something tells me that he’s got my ADD, cause everything was the grandest thing ever for that whole 30 seconds and then the next 30 seconds it was yesterday’s news to him.


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