myADD American Idol Picks


Now that it’s down to the final 6 contestants, I think the contest is going to be a little bit more about showmanship, personality and individuality. It’s obvious that all of them can sing quite well.

The bottom 2 will be Phil and Lakisha. Lakisha should stay in my opinion, but I kind of feel like it’s going to be her exit this week based on their performances this week. I will say that there is a chance that Phil will leave this week, and I wouldn’t be disappointed in the least.

70% chance of leaving

Lakisha Jones – She’s really got alot of talent and she might be the most impressive to me in some ways because she was a bank teller before this. That voice was working as a bank teller… just amazing. I think her best performances were when the song was aggressive and powerful in terms of vocals. In one of her first performances — “You’re gonna love me” — she hit the essence of what could make her American Idol. In my opinion she really hasn’t hit that chord quite as solidly since. If she makes it to next week, she needs to be looking for a song that allows for that essence to show itself again. I don’t think she could win this contest, but if she gets back to where she started, she could be in the top 3.

 30% chance of leaving

Phil Stacey – In my opinion he’s got the least personality out of the remaining group and in general he’s kind of plain and even boring. It never feels like the songs he sings mean too much to him. His voice sounds good, but there’s a difference between sounding good and bringing out emotion in the way you sing a song. Tonight with Bono performing, he should pay close attention as he could probably learn quite a bit from him in this area. Unfortunatey, I don’t think there’s a chance he might be going home and might never get to put anything he learns into action. I think his vocals on his last performance have nudged him ahead of Lakisha. No chance at winning this contest though.


Chris Richardson – I think he has absolutely no chance at winning American Idol. But I believe his last performance – Change the World – will keep him around another week. We don’t need a Justin Timberlake wannabe, he seems like that’s what he is. The nasally thing really doesn’t appeal to me either. Let’s face it, he’s probably got 2 more performances tops to show some kind of real individuality.  

Blake Lewis – I really like Blake, I just don’t think he can make the audience feel the way Melinda and Jordin can. He’s really not all that original in my opinion, he’s just more cutting edge than the typical American Idol contestant. But I think that’s definitely enough to get him into the top 3 if Lakisha fades away. Phil and Chris couldn’t possibly match up to him.

Jordin Sparks – I think right now she’s literally on the brink of stealing this whole contest away from Melinda Doolittle. There’s no way she isn’t in the top 2, and if she is able to improve even more in the next few weeks, she could take it all. I really can’t say exactly what she could change to help her beat Melinda, other than maybe song choice. Oh.. maybe if there was some way to make her look slimmer or shorter… She really does make Ryan look like a hobbit. She’s getting talent votes, she could probably get more “attractive” votes if she picked the right outfit and did some toning. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty already. But she could accentuate her body a bit more and get more votes. Remember Antonella ?? I know.. I know.. she’s only 17.. But, how old was Britney when she was came onto the scene ? Did her look have anything to do with her success ? I think we all know the answer to that.

Melinda Doolittle – This is definitley her contest to lose at this point. I think similar to Jordan, I think her “look” could really play a part now that we are down to details. Not saying she needs a makeover or anything, but honestly I think her wardrobe could win her votes. It sounds so silly, but what she was wearing this past week, actually had me thinking “what is she wearing” for the first 10-15 seconds of the performance. So.. dress for success is I guess what I am saying.


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