Da Vinci Method – Do I need drugs ?

Recently, I started taking the drug Adderall to medicate my A.D.D. In addition, I began looking into books on the subject to try and get a better understanding of what it is. My understanding to this point had been — I have a short attention span. But, I guess I was pretty much undereducated on the subject based on all the research I have been doing.

There is a whole host of negatives in dealing with A.D.D., and that’s why I decided to try Adderall. I ran across this book call The Da Vinci Method that basically seems to indicate that adult A.D.D. is actually a product of repressing natural traits/attributes. It says that only 10% of people have this “Da Vinci” trait. At first I thought the book might be a big pile of crap because it’s very title seems to be about telling you that you are a “Da Vinci”.. an “artist” and makes me thinking that it’s capitalizing on the Da Vinci Code hype. It states that the “artist” can become the “neurotic” if they repress the way their brain works and try to conform to how other people’s brains work. (that 90%). The “neurotic” in the author’s belief is ADD, so be believes it’s the result of repression, not a disorder.  A good way through the book, I realized it was describing every little detail about what I hate about myself and I consider weaknesses when talking about the neurotic.

So it’s worth a try to figure out what this guy is saying and see if it helps me. I’ve read a good deal of the book, but I am not done yet. Even if you don’t have A.D.D., it’s a good read. But I also think it is kind of condescending in some ways to people who aren’t what they define as the “Da Vinci” type, as it almost makes the other 90% sound like drones. It gives a big list of successful people who fit this definition who are brilliant, so it kind of paints it as they are like “heroes” of the world. It also notes that if you have this trait, but you don’t utilize it and work on fulfilling your needs as a Da Vinci, you will basically become “neurotic”. I can’t attest to being that brilliant guy at the moment, but I can definitely identify with feeling neurotic as of late!!

So the book basically says that the stimulants such as Adderall actually change my brain waves and slow me down, but it also represses the way my brain best functions. So… I’m gonna have to think about it. Cause the adderall is providing a even keel for a good part of the day and I am getting to sleep easier. But there is a part that I can’t really describe in words that feels odd. Maybe it’s just relief in that I don’t have to be constantly analyzing things. And it’s no surprise to me that I am writing this before taking my pill this morning!! The pill is actually kind of sweet if you taste it, unlike most pills that are bland/chalky tasting. — in case you are wondering.

Well, whether or not the whole shebang is truth or not, it’s definitely got alot of truth in it, and I’ve already begun utilizing some of the techniques in the book such as submitting questions to your mind in search of solutions. Sounds silly to some maybe, but it worked last night. I submitted a question regarding clarity about a situation, and my dreams were very much along the lines of the question. Upon waking up I analyzed my dreams and actually looked at the situation in a completely different light than I had before. I came to a conclusion that I believe can be a catalyst to change —a motivation. So… I guess I’ll be trying this some more to see if it’s not just a freak occurrence.

Well, either way I don’t think I’ll be painting anytime soon. But the other day I became very interested in inventing a true universal remote that would render all other remotes useless and expand with your system. For all of about 15 minutes. Hit me up if you want the details, I probably won’t move on it anytime soon.


33 Responses to Da Vinci Method – Do I need drugs ?

  1. Sebastian Muller says:

    Thank you. Quite informative. I am an industrial engineer and for a long time I have strugle toward my biology. I have developed all the possible methods to be ‘under’ control and getting things done. I have develop a complete system in order to be under control: I meditate, visualize (what I want to achieve and which things I want to do, so not to procastinate), I repeat positive sentences, I have develop procedures for all my daily tasks, and I review them in my mind daily, so when I have to do something I don’t loose time and I just can act like in ‘automatic’ pilot and be more efficient. I have learn through zen that I have to ’empty’ my mind, that has helped me A LOT! I have learned that I have to ‘talk’ the language of ’emotions’ and ‘feelings’ and not the language of words. The language of ‘feelings’ allow me to ‘feel’ what I have to do, so I grasp that ‘feeling’ while I am doing the task and in order to start the task. I also have learn to eat. I do not eat sugar or salt, cause i have realize (sugar specially) that they alter my mind. Also I eat chicken and tuna fish or other fish, but avoid meat. I eath salats (5 different types each day) and fruits (3 different types each day). Also I use only postive language, so I can ‘program’ myself all the time. I also wrote a lot, in order to ‘reprogram’ my mind with the things I wanted to have inside. I also listen music, classical or those that alter my moods in positive way. I seek to talk and have only positive feelings and always talk and feel faith, confidence.

    Before I was used to be very anxious about things, and was insecure. But through my method I am learning to deal with daily tasks and I am being able to finish what I have to do.

    I have develop a way of writing all the thing I have to do (Getting Things Done from David Allen has helped me a lot, because now I have a clear plan and frame of reference to know where all (and i mean ALL) the issues that goes around my life should go, from how to take a bath, cook, can get my room organized to get my projects organized).

    I don’t know exactly what I have, but with the information on internet and every I believe it has to do with the atention disorder. Cause something that happend to me long time ago, was that I couldn’t make decisions. I just had to much information in my mind and didn’t know how to prorize.

    But thanks to engineering (industrial) and mathmatics and the basics concepts of programming and kaizen (continuous improovement) and the help of computers (having everything in excel and my organization system) I have been able to ‘sort’ and ‘organize’ the many things I had in my mind.

    I don’t believe I am smarter or not. I only want to be happy. I want to be able to responsable and get the things done.

    I feel that i need (I repeat I NEED) all this platform in order to be able to deal with my life and my daily issues. In order to be able to build trustable relationships where my promises can become facts. Cause makes me quite anxious when I am not able to fulfill my promises….so I need to train, and learn, and improve as much as I can….

    I hope my notes helps someone, cause things can be done. I takes time and effort. But the long hours of ‘simulating’ the process you want to accomplish. Reviewing in your mind over and over and over how to do things so you can have them as a second nature has been soooooo helpful for me.

    I believe it has been very very very helpful, because the fact I always have ‘different’ ideas…that now run like in the ‘back office’ of my mind…that is, I work on the things I have to do…and because I can do things sooo well…just like breathing (or at least I seek to) all the other ‘creative’ ideas I have can run while I am working and geting things done……..

    good luck to you all, have faith and believe…believe it can be done….



  2. Witlov says:

    Never questioned why they taste so sweet ?
    I think it is easier to feed it to kids…

    We dont have adderal pills in our country, I once tried concerta but is was making me feel really really bad and uncomfortable.

    About the book.
    It is funny how they can be so positive about having ADD, the writer must be a real optimist. I’m only half way with this book but I’m curious whats next.

  3. alokc says:


    HAve you finished with the book ? Could you tell me if it’s worth buying?



  4. IT IS.
    To be honest, its as if all that you intuitively, daily felt to be the eruption-near frustrating truth in terms of self-head-talk like this :
    ”poooor poooor me… sulk… we´re a half-dead half-living by corrupted corporations consumation-focused, 24-7 pour myself a cup of ambition programmed, subliminally brainfucked race of emotionally crippled, roboticly walking waterbags, with ‘sry-out of order’ but still overboiling pot gut-feeling because of suppressed human untainted unspoiled playful natural blabla etc.”…
    If you can identify your own head conversation in this

  5. Ooops. me press button too soooon! back to it:
    If you even partially can identify yourself with the above self-destructive self-head-talk then THIS BOOK SHOULD BE AN INEVITABLE BUY for you. TadaddatataaA!!!
    THE END.

    PS: if you don´t want to buy then i think you can torrent download it samhau tuh.
    i am just about to be 19 years old in a month.
    If i´d have stumbled over this book let´s say… 5-6 yrs ago, my life would have (wouldashouldacoulda) been… different. Let´s say no ritalin, no concerta, no smokin tons of dope to cope, no other stupid chemichal drugs, no ‘getting kicked out of school’ repeatedly, well basically i guess no ‘perfect case of hyperactive ADHD’ ‘dissoziale verhaltensstörungen’ labelled kiddo with more freedome or wathever. actually sorry i´m getting a bit too excited here… its just a VERY VERY VERY reality focused information-packed basically good read that could help young prodigies and aspiring ritalin drugged youth enormously in tackling the ‘real’ world.

  6. Stacy says:

    I have recently begun taking Natural hormones, aminos, vitamins, etc.. This is after having blood work and going to a regular doctor who specializes in life enhancement as well as anti-aging. Well I will tell you that after about 2 weeks, my brain function totally changed! It is so very true that the chemical balance of the body must and for the most part, be restored. This is the problem with the schools, regular doctors, parents, etc.. You must read and educate yourself. Read the Suzanne Somers book BREAKTHROUGH. Another book is THE MOOD CURE. You will gain a world of knowledge. I have a daughter with ADHD. I was testing everything out on myself first to see if I truly believe . I cannot wait to take her off of that Concerta and get her healthy with all natural products. I am so thankful for finding Dr. John Salerno in NYC. He has been the one to finally listen when all of the endocrinologists and other doctors I paid to help me, could not. There are a few doctors who really want to help you and will not stop until they find the answers for you. You have to go to a regular M.D. or D.O. who also uses homeopathic and nutural remedies. They know there medicine, they practice what they were taught and carry it further, and they care about fixing your body. I promise you this is not an ad or anything like that. I am just so thrilled to finally be feeling better without a pharmaceutical pill that only masks and does not really fix your body to its optimal level! Please contact me if you have or would like any information. dtgalvin@ptd.net and Good Luck.

  7. Richard says:

    I’m a 55 yo (now) successful professional who was dianosed with ADHD at age 50. Well that explained a lot. Like why when I took speed in college, everything felt so normal to me it scared the shit outa me and I neer touched it again, not wanting to get hooked. Didn’t stop me from self medicating on a lot of other drugs, pot, mostly. Never did like downers of any variety, and still hate the opioids that dentists and doctors so freelyt hand out.

    I started taking Strattera (an SNRI) and the difference in the 3-6 months it takes for Strattera to work changed my life. I could focus, my job reviews soared from marginal to exceptional and I probably saved my marriage. I have tried Ritalin and Concerta, but as stimulants they tend to raise my blood pressure, probably not a good idea at my age.

    My son (now 15) was diagnosed as well (ADHD – classical) and has gone from struggling in normal classes to excelling in an very tough gifted academic program.

    ADHD is an imbalance in the norepinehrine neurotransmitter, whether in the production, uptake, release or re-uptake, I don’t know. When understand that is the cause, whether you seek treatment through an SNRI, a stimulant, behavioral technique, diet, or voodoo, you are seeking to address the cause. If you have an anxiety disorder along with it, you probably don’t want to take the stimulant. If ADHD is combined with depression (more common than you think) failing to seek proper medical treatment can be suicidal (depression + impulsivity).

    The required meds also vary dramatically from person to person. I need half the Ritalin my son does, and I weigh about 100Lbs more, so iof the meds aren’t right, speak up. Most of the complaints I hear about meds are improper dose related.

    People, don’t screw around here. If you really have ADHD, a stimulant meds trial under the supervision of a qualified (i.e. not a family practitioner, no offense) physician takes a couple days at most. Now you know, one way or the other. What steps you take going forward are up to you.

  8. J H says:

    wow, the post is heavy, and the replies, even more so. A surprising level of functionality from a group of individuals diagnosed with a disfunctional disorder . forgive my general nihilism, since I am neither receiving nor rejecting treatment, having not been clinically diagnosed. how do i go about that, anyway.
    I really have trouble driving, and my crappy record is interfering with my ability to work. I cant drive safely, and I average an accident every year or two, I’ve been driving since i was 16, so thats 32 years, and I have had at least 20 fenderbenders during that time. Since I couldn’t get through college, and cant sit in a cubicle without going stircrazy, I really need to be able to drive, its a requisite for gainful bluecoller employment. Screw the selfrealization bullshit, I just want to be able to drive. My last job had me driving a thousand hours a year. so I have the skills, it’s just that sitting behind a wheel is the the most mindnumbingly boring activity imaginable. I never pay attention, not for more than about 5-10 secs at a time anyway. I really need to work, but if i am taking psych meds. would I have to divulge that to my employer? maybe I will try the meds if i can get some.
    My life has been personally very disappointing. I used to get very frustrated and angry. everything was so simple, and I still couldnt seem to get things right. I don’t get angry anymore, and I am not hyperactive anymore either. My failures in life have been very humbling. I don’t try to succeed at anything these days, I merely endure. if I dont try, I wont fail. and not failing is far more important than success. My mantra is ‘when in doubt, don’t do anything’ but actually its best to do nothing even when I am at my most confident. Confidence is a trap, and its easy to get blindsided.
    Sometimes I will pretend to be unsure, just so I can slow myself down enough to be cautious. but most of the time I am genuinely hesitant. When I was young I was happy, and now I am not. That’s a big price to pay for longevity. but I could have died a bunch of times. bad things have happened, and maybe by being careful, I can have a chance to enjoy life at some future time.

    • Jo says:

      Dear JH, when I read what u wrote, it resonated with me. Because my journey is much like yours. Never feeling that I reached my potential. But u seem very optimistic! Kudos! But go see a psychiatrist and describe ur current life to him or her. It seems that u r experiencing quite a significant challenge in life. Talk to them and see what they say, if u don’t agree and prefer ur current life, then be on ur way. If u agree with them and take what they prescribe u, u might have an even happier life than now. More joy to you.

  9. RR says:

    I got this book and having been all over the place since i got held up at gun point a few years back was amazed to find myself reading about myself. I’d finally found something I could connect with. Since I finished the book I have been working out hard for an hour before I start my day, and throwing myself into some creative processes (writing and composing). I can honestly say that the book has CHANGED MY LIFE. I feel free and am enjoying living.

  10. brett m says:

    hi names brett 47yo as a kid if it was not straight red cordial it was a glass of milk with no less than 2 table spoons of sugar then came vanilla essenence with milk then mums home brew we were happy once i was 6 or seven i would cap the beer with a wood mallet and put bottles in crates mum would always go on about dad he worked 6 days aweek i always felt different square peg in a round hole boy in the bubble i was hypo a million miles an hour with an imagination that could motovate those arond me i was a beer garden kid and everyone in our street new about the booze problem in our home dad was ok mum was sick i moved from school to school never did well only in arts and crafts and for 6 months in one class where a tough old teacher constantly watching my every move would crack the table or my fingers with cane i went to high school and in the 3rd month mum and dad divorced and mum moved out i think i was 12 my older sister was beaten and driven out of home by mum and then progressed to reletionshis that continued beatings and alcohol and drug abuse i was asked by my teacher soon after what do you want to do in the future my answer was illbe dead by 25 and i believed it i was always in trouble for being restless and not paying attention at school i have every school report from primary saying the same thing brett has got so much potential but if he could just apply himself if brett spent more time concentrating and less time being a dissruption he could do so well if brett would just stick to the task at hand if a noise outside or a bird flew past i was gone march 1980 to 1982 i worked in sales in a big company in sydney i became the next big thing regional and state managers had me lined up for my own store car and what ever this was at 21 i had been drinking since i was 12 by 21 i thought the world was my oyster i dont like oysters my mum did though she would get the knife and take them off the rock and my alcoholism was catching up i left that company with a giant ego fuelled by grog and massive denial i chased shitty work for better money i went to construction and have never worked at any job for longer than 12 months i alwys have job hopped never stayed in one place my dad has a book full of old addresses after destroying myself with substances for the next seven years and being a labourer where some one would tell me whhat to do every 5 minutes i made it to a twelve step programme and for 18 months did it my way then in 1990 did it their way and have been sober since i only have this gift one day at a time but i guess here is the point im trying to make ones too many and a thousand is not enough for me i have lived a clean but extremely difficult life since i kept working construction and still do over the years many have suggested that i am adhd or add and i was terrified that if i was to take tablets that i would revert to my drinking which is a death sentence for me as many dear freinds along the way have found and as my mum did in 97 i was the best woker if you gave me arepetative task i would make it more efficient and throw the timing out for every one else icould never think ahead and progress i always forgot where i was and take twice as long and employers would see this and put me on to basic tasks i have always been the lowest rung on the ladder and treated as such several years ago after this happened about 20 times every summer i would get hey fever i did not know i had allergies and just thought that i had damaged myself in the past and thats why i get sick during these times i would take codral cold and flu and i would after looking back could do what all the other guys could do cause i could think 12345 not 14352 the boss would give me more responsorbility and the guys would congadulate me on doing a good jb then once hey fever had gone would stop taking them and within a few days boss would be shitty going what the fs up with you and the guys would shake their heads and say stuff like maybe you should get back on the piss cause your no good sober codral is for clds and flu not for add or adhd i never made the connection that some thing in that affected me was working in a positive way many years later after i thought i was just abusted rig i put all my report cards on my doctors table and told her every thing that i thought and she sent me to a phyc who after one hour of asking me questions and me talking at warp factor5 said you are a classic you are text book pity it took you so long to get here your life could have been so different it is amasing what you have achieved now go on with your life and enjoy the rest of it i have heard a bout this di vinci stuff i have felt strongly that for the last 25 years i have been ging wrong direction i want to talk to people who are having wins long term with meds and this stuff you talk about this is my story i dont usually write stuff and im not looking for sympathy just want to try and understand this problem more horses talk to horses goats talk to goats birds talk to birds any how i think you got the picture i dont know if this will get through cheers to you all and keep on trying its not over untill about 3 days after they nail the lid on brett

    • henriette says:

      brett, just want you to know that i read your story. i hope you´re doing fine in your life. i´m on this website because i´ve finally opened my eyes and commited to myself that yes, i have ADHD. next week i´m going to the doctor to get some pro-help. hope it will bring good things to my life..

      about your story i want to say that i found it touching and inspiring, and as i am a big fan of writing and wanting to be a writer myself in the future, I must say even your WAY of writing was inspiring to me. it made me want to read it out loud in an old café one cold autumn night. i might just do it if that´s ok with you?

      all the best.


    • susie says:

      Hi Brett, you write beautifully. I think you would benefit from reading the da vinci method and there are also brainwave cds on their website. http://www.thedavincimethod.com . Im going to order them myself to help me to focus on making art and prioritizing. I think my whole family has different types of adhd.You sound like my brother. Im reading a book about attention deficit disorder called driven to distraction which is good. Amazon have alot of books about it. Also why not go to see a therapist who specialises in add. Hope you feel better soon

    • susie says:

      and also I forgot to say take omega 3 oils, 2 a day. They should help. Give them a couple of months to work.

    • KEN says:

      Hi Brett , you write like this to get the information out quickly , cause to you it’s redundant . This information is already known to you and by that it seems exhausting to explain it AGAIN. Though I do love it , it speaks to efficiency . No time wasted on having to explain the structure . Anyways 🙂

  11. gary b says:

    wow – i really am not the only one. i have just turned 40 and have only recently found out about ADD/ADHD. I went for a diagnosis but was not articulate, forgot to take my evidence (school reports etc.) and then was sidelined by mother (who gave completely false information) and then by my wife (who thought my difficulties were caused by my mother!).

    I remain convinced that i have ADD and feel completely on my own, I have been considering self medicating but this is actually quite difficult in the uk and something i’m not exactly keen on anyway.

    i like the idea of being able to turn it to my advantage but every time i come across something positive my brain seems to do everything it can to stop me from actually ‘doing’ (i know this will only be understood by fellow sufferers). i feel as though i can’t control my brain.

    so drugs or books? which way? (one thing my brain thrives on is indecision 😦

  12. Bruce W says:

    Fear of death started to eat me alive. Understanding the principles and truth behind relativity makes (use to at least) make me very afraid because I understand how short our lives are.

    Being ADD and analyzing every single thing turned me in to an ADD Hypochondriac.

    The last moments of my life (even though I do not know when this is) started to depress me.

    BAD death fear.

    This book played with that fear and made me realize a real truth. I would have never said this – but spirituality is a big part of my life now (even in the beginning of this journey).


    Learn what/who you are.

  13. Markus Brunner says:

    Hi, if anyone needs R

    just send a mail to


    best regards

    Quick, discrete & trustworthy – your professional Ritalin partner.

  14. Myriam says:

    It is a little funny, none of you have finished reading the book. Is that also a symptom of ADD?

  15. Muzamil says:

    yes i have read this book and it is interesting it matched with the characteristics i have i think i am having ADD so what call, i have a short attenion span and jump to things quickly i get to know the end result before the work is done, during my childhood i was same as mentioned in the book but due this all world demands i have suppressed some of my characteristics which have made me addicted to smoking, Like for e.g i always wanted to be a entreuprenuer but since no support from family and life circumstances i was not able to start with…now in my job i feel something missing i am not able to concentrate on my current job..

  16. Patrick says:

    Hi, Read the book, lot of good advice granted. exercise for instance, vital for adhd, especially first thing in the morning to get the blood pumping to the brain.Having an interest in a creative field , yes vry important.On the other hand a fair dollop of pop pshycology and spiritualism that I just did’t get.We’re different no doubt in the sense in my case anyway that I connect with only a small % of people. The rest I could live my whole life without ever knowing.I’ve always thought ” wouldn’t it be great to work only with adhd people’ wouldn’t that create a great synergy’. I;m no DaVinci but under the right circumstances and with the right people I can excell. Food for thought. Has anyone of you guys tried the DaVinci subliminal Brainwaves cd’s or downloads? If so I would love some feedback.never took meds myself, always fumbled through somehow. We’re very resiliant , that’s why we tend to be loners.That;s not always a bad thing either.

  17. brett m says:

    hi ,henriette, thankyou for your comments and by all means feel free to share it with your freinds,life is going well for me i feel more stable, can plan ahead, anticapate follow through and am more efficient.i am 47 now and 5 years after i stopped using everything i could get my hands on to self medicate i decided life was for living and not just existing so instead of being chased on road motor cycles,i went and bought a motorbike went to the track and went as fast as i could and within three laps had crashed and was laying in the gravel trap with sand and broken ribs wrecked bike people running to see if i was ok and i remember thinking,how good was that,not the crash but the 2.5 laps prior. i had always wanted to race but never did untill those 2.5 laps. i felt like a failure and the people in aa said to me, so what its just like when you tried to stop drinking,we watched you get well then you would go out again and do more feild research and when you would come back feeling ashamed and guilty and hating yourself we would just say, so what if you have fallen off again just get back up dust yourself off ,get back on the horse, or wagon or bike and have another go,and try again,the people in the rooms loved me back to health when i had nothing but hate for myself and after 18 months of in and out i finally left the cork in the bottle its now over 20 years for me one day at a time and i dont do it alone am still a regular attender, but unfortunately my other habit has been raging for 13 years,racing, i have wrecked many times at the track, 3 within a hares breath of being killed outright have broken many more bones and am up to my fourth bike, i learned how to fix and repair engines after blowing up many times cause of bad calculations in tuning not reading things properly and made many costly errors due to inattention but on the bright side all of my mistakes were the catylist of starting to learn how to win and get that all important 5 dollar plastic trophy at the end of the weekend, my whole life i never won a thing, scored a goal or a try or anything,i just gave up,people at the circuit said why dont you give up before you kill yourself and i thought its too easy to quit since then i have won many club races and in 07 raced as a45 year old on my honda rs 250 hrc grand prix bike 1994 model against guys and girls half my age and they on later machinery i competed in 3 states 5 rounds and did not crash once so i ended up winning a national championship and some of my rivals who id raced for many years said that they were proud of me for hanging in there and they said that if any body deserved to win the championship it was me.after being told by a freind who had been diagnosed adhd in jail ten years before said brett your the same as me except you have not done 18 years and i thought nah im alright i dont need pills well after struggling through sobriety and starting 15 courses that i never completed i went back to my doc and said ok can you send me to some one for a diagnosis and i have not looked back , yes i take my pills and am getting ready to ride again some time this year as strangley enough i have not raced since the pills im a hell of a lot calmer, dont yell as much the dogs dont slink away like they used to when i would build with frustration,i have always relished in that on the edge fast, full on , full throttle cause im focused the pills just join the broken connections in my head with no mood change or sedatve effect,now i read so much i had to get glasses, i still have a swag of things to do un life, race one thousand cc production super bike, have started tap dancing lessons and bought some shoes,am learning the harmonica off the net, going to gym and still looking for a set of gymnstic rings to do gymnastics in my yard off a scaffolding, so life is too short if your adhd embrace it,find answers and live and enjoy, i started readng lots like i said ,i investigated niggling health that i could no longer ignore,using the net sleepless nights for months i found some thing took all my scribbles to doc then to three specialists all confirmed that i have not been a hypocondriac and that i have an incurable non fatal condition that over the next t 15 years will increasingly affect my quality of life, i feel at times angry as hell,ripped off as it has nothing to do with the old life but like a straight shooter in the rooms says, well if your arse falls off just find another way of sitting down,im brett im adhd and glad i have you guys and again henriette thankyou for your kind words you go girl….talk soon

  18. Moana - NZ says:

    Does the book say anything about depression? I read a review of it and took a quiz to see if I had the personality type. I got 100% but the questions were black and white and makes me think how many others easily got 100%. I’m not ADD/ADHD, but I do get depressive mood swings from time to time. The review I read mentioned something about depression but didn’t go into detail. Can someone who has read the book please let me know if this book would be worth getting for someone like me.

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  21. Bewket says:

    Love you

  22. Steph says:

    Can someone read me the book lol I need to get it on tape or something.

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    It is the little changes that make the most significant changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  28. […] Da Vinci Method – Do I need drugs ? | Attention Deficit Disorder – Apr 28, 2007 … Recently, I started taking the drug Adderall to medicate my A.D.D. In … If you really have ADHD, a stimulant meds trial under the ….. raced as a45 year old on my honda rs 250 hrc grand prix bike 1994 model … a hypocondriac and that i have an incurable non fatal condition that … August 30, 2013 at 8:17 am. […]

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