myADD American Idol Picks – May 2nd

Now that it’s “really” down to the final 6 contestants, and 2 have to leave tonight. Now that there has been another week of performances my list has shifted a little.

0% chance of leaving

Lakisha Jones – Last week, I was basically saying that Lakisha had a 70% chance of leaving and that she had to get back to the essence of her “Your gonna love me” performance. She did just that last night, and in my opinion she jumped right out of the bottom 2. She got a kiss from Simon, whether most like to admit it or not, that means quite a bit. Not only does that take Lakisha out of the bottom 2 in my book, but I think “that” Lakisha is in the top 2. Hold onto that vibe Lakisha, cause that’s the star.

100% chance of leaving

Phil Stacey – I gave Phil a 20% chance of leaving last week, this week it will happen. He did OK in my opinion, but I still think his stage presence lacks alot in comparison to the others. He can sing, but the stage presence part seems wooden to me. He’s singing songs in a way that doesn’t seem to connect with me at all.

100% chance of leaving.

Chris Richardson – Chris is basically a Justin wannabe still, and even though he did pretty good last night he’ll be gone tonight. It’s the Justin factor that will do him in.

Blake Lewis – I actually didn’t care much for Blake’s performance, but it seems like some people did. I think he accomplished making it sound OK in a different form, but nothing that I would listen to on the radio more than once — and in that situation maybe even turn it off if the novelty wasn’t something I wanted at that moment. I’ll say it again, he’s different than the average American Idol contestant, but not so original in the sense of popular music. He’s the face of popular music today for American Idol. But are we all fooled into believing that he’s truly original ? Not me.

Jordin Sparks – She had a horrible performance this week, but I think last week’s performance will save her. (maybe just barely) Lets face it, rock is not her thing and she looked very awkward trying to sing that song. As the judges always say “Song Choice, Song Choice, Song Choice”. This one really ate her up. So much so, that Lakisha in my opinion could jump up and take the #2 spot.

Melinda Doolittle – Consistency. She is consistently the best and she’s the Jekyl/Hyde of American Idol. She basically channels the feelings of these songs and becomes a star on stage. You believe her. So much so, that you can’t believe that she’s the same person when the song is over. What can’t she do if this is her strength ?


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