American Idol – Phil and Justin… err.. Chris are gone!

I don’t think I can get too excited about my predictions being spot on for last night, since I think it was rather obvious to most. I gave both Phil and Chris a 100% chance of going home.

Phil Stacey – I think Phil’s last performance (after he got the news)  was his best, because it was so believable. It was Phil performing like Phil, not Phil trying to sing like Bon Jovi. Had he delivered it like this last night, he might have had a better chance. (and still left)

Chris Richardson – I think the vote is in, that we don’t need another Justin.

Lakisha Jones vs Melinda Doolittle – I called it here, 0% chance of Lakisha leaving after her performance this week. Not only did it save her, it’s the essence of how she could win this competition. It’s now officially “ON”, Lakisha threw down the gauntlet. Blake & Jordan are irrelevant and destined to be runner-ups if Lakisha proves that last night was more than just a once in a while thing.

Melinda Doolittle is a masterful performer with spot on vocals, and I noted the Jekyl/Hyde thing that goes on with her. When in her zone, she can emote what the song is saying through her voice, facial expressions, and movements. She threw in some Tina Turner for good measure last night, but when the mic was turned off…. she’s Melinda again.

But… Lakisha has this little bit of something-something that is about really being “connected” to a song and not just performing.  “Your Gonna Love Me, and now this latest Bon Jovi song have allowed her to hit that chord.  Lakisha’s greatest qualities are the emotion and strength in her voice that can just overpower you.  She’s just not going to be successful in doing pretty songs, she’s gotta get to the songs that let her be herself. She’s not going to outperform Melinda, but she can overpower the crowd with her strength and emotion if she sticks with songs in this same vein.


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