American Idol gives back ?

Was it just me or was anyone else kind of irked by the American Idol gives back show ? Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it was a good concept and there are alot of people that can be helped by the initiative. But… Doesn’t it seem like the 70 million in donations could have been far exceeded had it come from the pockets of some of hollywood’s finest who made appearances on the show as well as advertisers and the show itself ?

I imagine that a large percentage of the donations came from people who are living paycheck to paycheck and really felt for the kids and people in extremely hard situations – like New Orleans and in Africa.

Was anyone else kind of put off by Ellen Degeneres saying “I’m giving 100k”. I don’t know how much she makes, and I’m only using her as an example cause she opened her big mouth with a figure… I’m going to guesstimate that she could probably give 2 million or more on her own and not sacrifice any luxury in her life whatsoever. 100k ? Please Ellen, don’t be so generous, just go do another Amex commercial in the afternoon and give that million or more to the cause.

Add any one of the other “famous” people on the show dancing around and trying to get everyone else to donate to that list. 70 million ?? that’s it ?? I’m sure advertisers pay a pretty penny fo 30 seconds of commercial time, how about American Idol donates all of it for the show that night ? I bet you they could do that and not even feel it. Instead, it becomes a show where they showcase filthy rich entertainers to entice non-millionaire viewers to give their 10,20, 100 dollars that they can barely spare — but will.

Does that seem odd to anyone else ? Couldn’t Hollywoods life of excess make a far larger dent in poverty than 70 million ? Couldn’t American Idol spare 70 million all on their own and not even truly feel it ?


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