Paris Hilton gets jail time

You really have to love it when someone who obviously thinks the can get away with pretty much anything, doesn’t get away with something and maybe even gets made an example. Just the fact that she really doesn’t need to drive at all, but did anyways, is enough for me to be happy about her going to jail. Will they allow her to bring her little toy dog with her ? Will she have access to her blackberry ?

“Publicist testifies he told heiress it was OK to drive” – Don’t we all wish we could have this excuse ?  Isn’t it  silly that it would even be attempted to be used as an excuse ?

I’m sure the appeal is going to be that she’s being made an example of and that she poses no threat. Maybe instead of fighting this with an appeal, she should think about using this as a platform for showing true remorse for her driving sins and encourage others to not follow in her footsteps. Instead, she’s going to whine and cry and try to use her money to make it go away.

Maybe if she would have just been honest about the whole thing and not try to make excuses, the judge might have been a little more flexible. Based on the fact that they are appealing and the mother is laughing…. they really don’t seem to take seriously any of these violations that she’s had. I applaud the judge.


3 Responses to Paris Hilton gets jail time

  1. courtney says:

    thats not fear paris hilton should not go to jail…she said she was sorry,and she will have to wear that ugly orange outfite!

  2. slimslaby says:

    In a court of law, sometimes sorry doesn’t cut it. Also, there is really no reasonable monetary fine that she would even feel — a 100k fine is pretty much nothing to her. The judge made the right call, her time and freedom mean something to her. She won’t make this mistake again, and that’s what the justice system is supposed to be about. Kudos to the judge for choosing the appropriate punishment.

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