Lost – End date set for series.

ABC has announced that Lost will go three more seasons, 16 episodes each. Hopefully not too many of those episodes involve meaningless storylines like the “spider” episode. This last episode was actually pretty good even though it was very predictable.

 This announcement in some ways is a relief, as I do want an end to Lost. Because I am invested in the series from a time standpoint, I really want to know how it ends. But as of late, it’s been rather underwhelming, to the point where I don’t want to watch it. What goes through my mind is whether or not they have enough meaningul storylines to fill 48 new episodes. Given that they’ve been having trouble doing that already.

Some storylines I’d like to see :

Hugo goes on a diet and gets down to 180 lbs. Maybe he could join celebrity fit club off the show to make this happen. It’ll also pave the way for many other appearances once his Lost job comes to an end. You know Oprah would be all over that.

Charlie gets killed. I’ll leave this up to the writers to suprise me, but I’d really enjoy that episode. He really shouldn’t be allowed to be on a hit show and have Kate off the show! Everytime I see him on the show I think — Kate’s with him ?? (Don’t lie and say you haven’t thought the same thing.)

Migratory birds visit the island and everyone gets crapped on constantly. I wouldn’t mind this lasting a few episodes as long as it’s done tastefully.

 Maybe a dwarf or midget tribe would be cool too. Like maybe they live in an undewater lair during the day and surface at night to steal stuff from the camp. It turns out the babies really aren’t dying, they are just being born midgets/dwarfs. It’d be cool if they rode dolphins and stingrays.


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