Free Paris – Petition to Pardon Paris Hilton

Paris This is really starting to get out of hand. Paris Hilton actually believes she’s being treated cruel and unwarranted, when she’s actually just getting treated like everyone else. Even further, she basically tried to blame it on her publicist, getting him to stand up there and say it was his fault for giving her bad information. Next she fires the publicist.  Then she hires him back, which I’m sure was because it made her look even more like a little spoiled brat.

Now some she’s urging fans on her MySpace page to sign a petition to pardon her “mistake” because she provides beauty and excitement to “(most of) our otherwise mundane lives”. Is it just me, or does that make you want to hurl too ?  The petition will be sent to Arnold Schwarzenegger to get her out of jail time.

  I think this is exactly why the judge gave her the 45 day sentence, she needs to understand that it’s ultimately her fault. She needs to be responsible for her own self when it comes to following the law. She got the license suspended for driving drunk, and made that seem as if that was no big deal. Hopefully, the judge stands his ground and shows her that it is all a big deal if she isn’t going to be responsible for herself. It would also be great if the judge forced her to shut down her MySpace page for that 45 days as well.


5 Responses to Free Paris – Petition to Pardon Paris Hilton

  1. parent says:

    If you look at her mothers comments at court it’s no wonder this child ( weird calling a 26 year old a child but true) is troubled.
    Her mother condones her driving while drunk, wonder how she would feel if Paris killed someone. Most likely just write it off as being one of the “little people” and nothing to be concerned about.

  2. Michel Bisson says:

    I don`t care who hilton is, the fact is 45 days sentence for such infraction is a complete lack of judgement, imagine treat someone as a criminal because of a permit to drive a car, think about it, it is a complete nonsense, it is tyrannic and read declarationof independace about tyranny, it is the judgement who must be discussed and munish , using the law this way discredit the ligitimacy of the law and the whole system.

    Free this woman now.

  3. slimslaby says:

    Michel, that’s kind of funny. She got her license suspended for driving drunk. She’s not going to prison, she’s going to jail. The law is that you don’t drive without a license. Ingoring that law, makes you subject to the consequences of the law. It’s not like the judge made up the law or the sentence. He gives his sentence based on the law.

    I’m sure there are people who get more or less time based on the situation. A judge might give more time if he thinks that the person has “not learned from the situation or needs to take responsibility.” I would have to say that I don’t believe she’ll learn until she does the 45 days and realizes that she better understand what the law is and how it pertains to her and everyone else for that matter.

    Who likes going to jail ? What do you know… she’s just like everyone else. I’m sure after the 45 days, she’ll have learned a valuable lesson that Mamma Hilton didn’t teach her — thanks to the great judge.

  4. Tara says:

    I wish they would double her sentence to 90 days!

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