Encyclopedia of Life goes live!


 I got excited when I read online this morning that the Encyclopedia of Life has gone live. Their initiative is to catalog every species of animal, plants, and other forms of life. They estimate this as being some 1.8 million “named” species and each will have it’s own page on the web.

I went to the site at http://www.eol.org and it’s pretty sluggish, probably because so many people are checking it out today. They only had 3 example pages up there, and only in image format – not active web pages. They had a Death Cap Mushroom, rice,Yetti crab, and Polar Bear. They got a long friggin way to go, too bad animals aren’t into the social networking craze or they could probably get them to do all the work explaining themselves.

 I’ll get back to this in a year or so.


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