myAdd American Idol Picks – Barry Gibb has no upper lip!?!?

That was one of the worst nights on American Idol that I can remember. I also spent most of the show amazed at the fact that Barry Gibb seems to have no upper lip. So much so that I began searching the web for older pics of him to see if he actually ever had an upper lip.

99% chance of leaving

Lakisha Jones – Lakisha really needed to do something special this week to stay. I find myself rooting for her, but it was not to be.  I actually think that the Barry Gibb theme really killed her because the guy admittedly sings like a woman, and Lakisha shines in her low register.  Kind of sad that such a talent is leaving because she couldn’t sing this crap.
1% chance of leaving

Blake Lewis – I really didn’t care for either of his songs. I am excited that someone is finally saying that the beat box is getting old, I hit that point long ago. I think it’s at least progress that people are realizing that he’s not really that original, it’s not like beat boxing just arrived on the scene. In my opinion Blake should be leaving tonight because Lakisha’s inability to sing like Barry Gibb actually gives her points  in my book. But Blake being the last guy I think it’s highly unlikely that he goes. I am actually just leaving that 1% there as a tribute to Lakisha.

Jordin Sparks – I really didn’t like either of the songs she sang, but she sang them very well in my opinion. She really finishes off her songs strong, maybe she’s just been nervous in the beginning of each song. With Lakisha going out this week and Blake gone next week, Jordin vs Doolittle is now on!

Melinda Doolittle – Consistency. She did about as much as one can do with those Barry Gibb songs. They really should do these kinds of shows earlier in the season when there are lesser singers there that can provide entertainment value by struggling to sing like that guy. I mean seriously, isn’t this the week you wanted Sanjaya there ?

Who’s next weeks guest performer ? Weird Al ? Wouldn’t that be a complete roll of the dice for everyone ?  They should really stick to the more mainstream music for the final shows, Barry Gibb was Lakisha’s Kryptonite.


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  1. I can tell that this is not the first time you write about the topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?

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