OJ Simpson gets tossed from restaurant

 I really enjoyed hearing about O.J. getting tossed from a steakhouse in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was reported that all the patrons began applauding after he left the restaurant. Now it appears that O.J.’s laywer is gonna make a race issue out of it.  I applaud the owner of the steakhouse for making a stand on the issue, and it’s just silly to think of this as a race issue.

Why is it so hard for him to understand that it’s not the color of his skin, but his actions that people are repulsed by. Even if he didn’t murder his wife and Goldman, he still attempted to profit from it all by writing a book about “If I did it, here’s what I would have done”.  I’m sure it’s going to repulse his kids once they get to a point where they really understand why that is like pissing on someones grave.


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