Silverlight vs Flash – Complexity vs Simplicity ?

 With the introduction of Silverlight, and it’s aim to be a Flash Killer, I have been pondering how much simplicity might play into the whole deal. I have spent some time getting up to speed with Silverlight, and from the get-go it’s far more complex than Flash – you have an about 8 part 6GB or so of download for Orcas right off the bat.

 Is there something to be said for the simplistic/creative tool that Flash is ? Flash has in many ways opened up a technical area such as web development to a more creative/artistic crowd with it’s development environment that allows for timeline based animation.  To my knowledge there is currently no way to develop with Silverlight unless you are a programmer or working closely with one.  With Flash an artist can create things quickly and efficiently that they probably wouldn’t know where to start with Silverlight.

 I understand that there is a great deal of power that Silverlight holds, but I think the penetration rate might be alot slower than what some are thinking. It appears that Adobe’s goal is to  build on the simplicity of Flash, by adding the complexity/power via the Appollo platform.

 Just something I was pondering while waiting for Orcas to download.


One Response to Silverlight vs Flash – Complexity vs Simplicity ?

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