American Idol – Lakisha leaves

It took Barry Gibb, his non-existent upper lip, and his catalog of falsetto songs to push Lakisha out the door. Ever since noticing that Barry Gibb has no upper lip, I’ve been taking note of other people’s upper lips. Oddly enough, Blake has almost no upper lip as well.

I feel bad for Lakisha, because she deserves to be in the final 3 more than Blake. He’s a beat boxer for heavens sake. How many successful beat boxers do you know ? Can you name one ? I think there’s a good reason why we don’t know any. Because they are only good in very small doses.


2 Responses to American Idol – Lakisha leaves

  1. slimslaby says:

    Indeed. I really think that after last weeks performance she was on a roll. Unfortunately, she hit the brick wall that is Barry Gibb and his non-existent upper lip.

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