American Idol – Melinda leaves !?!?!

I am still in complete shock that Melinda Doolittle didn’t make the finals. I guess maybe it’s possible that some Melinda fans didn’t feel it was necessary to vote this week. I would have to think that this surprised everyone, as I don’t think I heard anyone say they thought she’d be leaving this week. It was pretty much a given that it would be either Blake or Jordin.

I get this weird feeling that if such a thing is possible, Blake will probably win the contest. Another novelty singer who wins because of being different in some way, but far less talented. Blake has his beat boxing and Taylor had his gray hair and the “Soul Patrol”.

All I can say is “wow”…

Elliot Yamin and his new teeth made an appearance. Kind of like Barry Gibb and his lip and big teeth, I spent the whole time fixating on Elliot’s teeth. They look like they might be a little too big as well. I think people who have messed up teeth most of their lives end up getting the biggest chicklet teeth they can get, when given the opportunity to pick some out. I give Melinda about 2 months before she gets her chicklets put in.


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