Pavlik vs Miranda – Best fight in a long while

In probably the best fight I’ve seen in the past few years, Kelly Pavlik knocked out Edison Miranda in 7 rounds. (TKO) If every boxing match delivered the same amount of action, there’d be alot more people watching the sport these days. This fight was on the undercard for the Jermain Taylor vs Cory Spinks fight which was the exact opposite — completely boring.

Pavlik was relentless in attacking Miranda, and had said before the fight that Miranda couldn’t fight going backwards so he would look to take advantage of that. Pavlik also showed quite a chin in taking some very hard shots from Miranda, and never really looked hurt. Around the 5th round it became apparent that one of them would have to give at some point. I actually thought that Miranda seemed to be closing the gap and appearing to be making the fight closer, but then Pavlik completely devastated Miranda in round 6, knocking him down twice. In the 7th round, Miranda came out looking slightly better than the end of the 6th, so at that point it was obvious that it was going to be over very soon.

Before the fight, Miranda had been talking more about Jermain Taylor than the task at hand — Kelly Pavlik. Now it’s Kelly Pavlik who’s likely to get Jermain Taylor next. In watching the two fights, I think Jermain Taylor might as well give Pavlik the belt and forgo the beating he’d get if he stepped in the ring with Pavlik. In the last two fights I’ve seen with Jermain Taylor, he’s been completely underwhelming. Pavlik’s proven he can take the monster punch as well as deliver them.


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