Heroes Finale – Not the payoff I was expecting

 I’m not going to say that I hated it, but it really felt like there was too much buildup and not enough payoff.  A finale in a fireworks show is just one explosion after another and at a rapid pace. I think that the whole Heroes season has been just excellent in terms of twists and excitement, but in this finale we really didn’t see anything new or any more exciting than what we saw during the season. Actually, probably less exciting since many of the powers we saw before.

 I was really expecting more of a battle at the end, with Hiro displaying a bit more swordsmanship than just popping in and out and delivering a final blow. It’s not like I was expecting something like the matrix where there are 5000 of those guys he’s battling in every imagineable way, but maybe just a little swordsmanship and some interesting twist on how they use their powers.

 Sylar basically stopped some bullets, turned them around and shot them at Parkman. That wasn’t exactly anything we hadn’t seen before. I think had the final fight been 3/4 of the episode, I would be extremely happy with the finale. Instead, it was just a few moments really. Would have been great if the scene happened in broad daylight with people all around and Sylar randomly tossing people and objects out of the way while fighting Hiro and chasing Peter.

 Is it just me ? Am I being too critical ? I think I really wanted to love the finale, it just didn’t seem to pay off quite as I expected. More action and I would have been perfectly happy.

 The final scene shows the blood path into the sewer… I’m thinking he was drug into the sewer by something, and not by his own strength. Molly mentioned another person that she didn’t want to think about cause then he could see her. Next season is going to involve this man for sure, and just like Vader being a pawn of the dark side — I’m thinking Sylar is going to be Heroes Darth Vader.

Kind of sucks, cause I was really diggin how evil Sylar appeared to be, now it appears he’s going to have the same kind of inner struggle that Vader had in Star Wars trilogy. That’s too bad. I think Sylar’s character would be much better as pure evil.

 The teaser at the end for the next season was decent, I’ll definitely be watching next season. But I just hope they incorporate more action and payoff.


3 Responses to Heroes Finale – Not the payoff I was expecting

  1. Patrick says:

    You’re absolutely right. I wrote pretty much the same thing on the MySpace Heroes forums. They blew this ending after such a great season…. not even 1 fireball 😦

  2. Ross says:

    I totally agree, it was a huge letdown.

  3. slimslaby says:

    It just seems like there was so much potential for a rampage of super powers being used to overcome Sylar. Peter and Claire can heal themselves, so that gives you license to toss them about a bit… severed limbs are fair game at that point.

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