American Idol – Is Blake another Taylor Hicks ?

 The new Taylor Hicks ?

Do Taylor Hicks and Blake Lewis have anything in common ? Is it possible that for the 2nd year straight a fan favorite will win for reasons other than being the best singer ? Will Blake end up with a career after American Idol ?

 I definitely am not saying that Blake or Taylor don’t have any talent at all, but I am saying that I wouldn’t listen to either of them on the radio or in my iPod if given a choice. Success after American Idol really depends heavily on that as Taylor Hicks is now discovering. Uniquely grey hair and underdog likeability doesn’t make a career for you. Blake just might be in that boat, as I don’t think beatboxing is going to make him a career.

 The final song by Jordin last night kind of put an exclaimation point on the fact that if she loses, it definitely isn’t about her singing capabilities. As much as I think that song should have sealed it for Jordin, I believe that Blake is set to become the next American Idol. If the masses were voting based on vocal talent, Melinda Doolittle would still be here.

 So, that’s my pick, Blake Lewis will be the next American Idol. He’ll be every bit as successful as any other beat-boxer you know of, and he’ll seem far less original trying to make it in the real music world.


17 Responses to American Idol – Is Blake another Taylor Hicks ?

  1. yesitsme says:

    Pardon me, but Taylor Hicks has has a great set of pipes – you’d do yourself a favor a listen to one of this CDs to find this out. Nobody who has ever graced the AI stage could sing the blues like Mr. Hicks. And FYI, Taylor’s career is doing just fine, thank you very much. He just finished a 60 date fall theater tour to rave reviews from fans and critics alike, has a brand new book coming out on July 10, and another 50+ tour coming up in the summer and will begin work on a new album next year. Try and do your homework before you repeat uniformed BS.

  2. Lena says:

    Sincerely I don’t give a crap. Last year with Daughtry, this year with Doolittle, it seems the best contestants fail in the hands of powervoting so who cares who wins this year? Obviously if it were a real singing competition the tittle would have gone to Doolittle. But at the end, it doesn’t matter because Doolittle will outsell Blake or Jordin when she puts out her album.

  3. slimslaby says:

    Of course Taylor can sing to some degree, anyone who gets on the show can.

    It’s likely that he’ll be the first American Idol finalist to not hit 1 million sales with his first album. I think that alone says the most, as a majority of the sales will come from American Idol fans and that notoriety.

    A theater tour doesn’t mean you are successful. A book doesn’t make you successful, but it is a smart move to get it out there quick while people are still interested in your name. Does he have a long term career ? I think if we have this conversation about 2 years from now, you are gonna feel kind of silly. Best of Luck to Taylor Hicks on his 15 minutes while the clock is still ticking.

  4. slimslaby says:

    I agree Lena, it doesn’t matter except in the short term. Long term, Blake has very little viability — just like Taylor Hicks. I think Jordin has alot more potential, cause she’s only 17 and she’s going to get better. Blake is just a gimmick. He stands out on American Idol because no one else is beatboxing. In the mainstream, he’ll get lost because beatboxing is best in small doses.

  5. yesitsme says:

    slimslaby – Yes, Taylor most definitely has a long term career carved out, without a shadow of a doubt. Reason being he’s not a flash in the pan – soon to be forgotten glam rocker that so many group turn out to be. When Daughtry’s 15 mins are up, he’ll have nothing left but empty tubes of eyeliner. Shame, isn’t it?

    Taylor’s tour was not just a theater tour, dear, but a headlining theater tour (which included historial, legendary venues such as The Ryman in Nashville and The Beacon in NYC), which garnered critical praise all across the country. Look for him in the summer – surely he’s coming somewhere near you. Do yourself a favor and see this man in concert – you might even enjoy yourself, my friend. Honestly.

    And do pick up his book coming out on July 10 – Heart Full of Soul (Random House) – it’s an inspirational/motivational/memoir (written with the help of David Wild from Rolling Stone magazine). It’s on the recommended summer reading list from some major national newspapers and #1 in presales for books in the same genre. You might actually be inspired to open your eyes and ears to real musical talent. He’ll be on a book tour – watch for him.

    Oh yea, catch him tonight on the AI finale – he’ll be singing his new single “Heaven Knows” 😉

  6. Goober McGilucudy says:


    You write that Jordan cried at the end of her performance of This Is My Now. She did indeed. Now go back and look at the snips of that performance shown at the end of the show.


    For those of you who recorded last night’s show, replay it watching more closely. At the end of the show there are snips of Jordan’s and Blake’s performances. The snips are from ADDITIONAL performances of their songs.

    Live! MY BUTT.

    It’s obvious the producers picked witch performances they let the TV audience see.

    This WREAKS of vote rigging fraud.

  7. slimslaby says:

    I guess you are a member of the “Soul Patrol”. His book and anything else he does in the near future is tightly tied to his American Idol success. As his record sales being subpar from any previous American Idol contestant might indicate, he is not getting as much acclaim.

    I’ll be listening to Taylor tonight, I’ll be sure to post my impressions.

  8. slimslaby says:

    Goober, I think you might be right. What does it really matter though ?

    Jordin’s last song smoked Blake’s, so it’s pretty much moot.

  9. yesitsme says:

    slimslaby – no I’m not a member of anything. I just like raw, great, live music and Taylor is the one that delivered, both on the show and in concert currently.

  10. slimslaby says:

    You don’t have to be ashamed to be a part of the Soul Patrol. Embrace it. Own it.

  11. yesitsme says:

    slimslaby – are you one of those disgruntled fans from last season your your favorite didn’t win? You sound like a sore loser.

    You have a chance to be saved tho –

    Four words – Heart Full of Soul! July 10th! – buy it, embrace, own it! 😉

  12. slimslaby says:

    Do you have a Soul Patrol tattoo ? Only a Soul Patroler would even know the release date of his book.

  13. Melanie says:

    Taylor Hicks is nowhere being a flash in a pan.Now, if you want to talk about someone getting the benefits of AI, lets talk Daughtry.Now that man is riding on an AI wave.If anyone is going to be a flash in the pan, that would be my pick.People who don’t follow Taylor are clueless.

  14. slimslaby says:

    Well, based on his less than impressive album sales, I am thinking the Soul Patrol is dwindling. Keep the faith gals.

  15. yesitsme says:

    I’m sorry for pumping up Taylor so much, he pretty much sucked tonight! God dayum, he was horrible! hahahha! His career is over!!
    Bye all……… have fun!

  16. Trixi says:

    Selling 700,000 plus cd…shipping platinum as Clive Davis a flash in the pan?
    Yeah Daughtry has sold more but when he comes on the radio its, is it Nickleback, or any of the other sound alike bands. At least when Taylor sings you know it’s him.

    Taylor will be around for a long time. Maybe not your cup of tea, but many people are happy drinking from Taylor cup of tea.

    Let’s see you picked Blake to win…. obviously you don’t know everything!

    I’m a card carrying Soul Patroler and Proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. slimslaby says:

    Yeah, I give you that – I picked Blake to win solely because it seemed as if the voting was ridiculous to this point. As I said, between these two Jordin “should” obviously win, but given the fact that Melinda should still be in the competition… that means anything could happen and I was preparing myself for the worst.

    I am happy for Jordin, because she is a great singer and she’s big in a Chewbacca kind of way.

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