American Idol – Chewbacca wins

I am very pleased with last night’s victory by Jordin. I am happy to say that I picked the wrong person – due to the fact that the voting has been completely ridiculous and it seemed like Blake would be the next Taylor Hicks. But I have a new faith in the people of our great land now, that they’ll be able to make good decisions without being swayed by novelty beatboxing or premature grey hair.

But… the whole night I became fixated on how big Jordin was. Not in a fat kind of way, but in a Chewbacca kind of way. It was very distracting. Everytime she stood next to Blake, he looked a little more like Han Solo.  Ryan of course looks more like a Hobbit when next to her. Obviously, this should have no bearing on the results, but am I the only one who noted this many times over the course of the night ?

Another thing… Why is it then when they get these great artists on the show they do a song that completely sucks ? Gwen Stefani… Green Day… J-Lo… Barry Gibb…  Kelly Clarkson… Bon Jovi…  Fergie… Maroon 5… Kelly Clarkson…  All came on the show and sang pretty much complete crap. Some might disagree but I think it’s about time American Idol encourages these artists to sing a sure thing as opposed to trying to promote their upcoming album. If they did that, they could probably release a decent album with guest artists performances. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one performance that I was like “Wow!!! that was great”. Given the caliber of talent that I mentioned above, shouldn’t that be the case ?

Song Selection… Song Selection… Song Selection…  It’s still important even after you’ve made it.

Am I the only one that felt like the Sanjaya / Joe Perry performance could have really been a showstopper had you added Steven Tyler to the mix ? or hell.. how about Aerosmith as a whole ? That… would have been a keeper peformance. Instead we get to see Sanjaya run into the crowd and go make the snapping turtle girl cry again.  Maybe “Sweet Emotion” ? “Walk this way” ? Hell, you could incorporate Blake into that one as well.  I just think Joe Perry alone is like having Ying without Yang…


3 Responses to American Idol – Chewbacca wins

  1. Daniel says:

    Sanjy’s voice would have sounded too soft next to Steve’s.

  2. slimslaby says:

    Even better, it’s not like I want to hear him sing anyways.

  3. jaeka says:

    I do agree with you about the song choices. I watched American Idol for 2 hours just waiting for the results and listening to songs that I was not at all interested in. I was terribly bored.

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