Lost – Who’s in the coffin

First, I’ll say that Lost has pretty much turned around 180 degrees and is now far more enjoyable to watch than say 5-6 weeks back. The seaon finale was great, it had enough action and twists added to get me excited about the next season. I thought the future sequences with Jack / Kate were great.

So now the question is “Who’s in the coffin ?”

 Here’s my take – Ben is in the coffin. Why ?

 1. No one was at the funeral. Ben has no family that we know of away from the island as his mother died in child birth and he killed his father.

2. Jack said he’s not a friend or family of the person in the coffin.

3. If only Jack, Kate, and Ben ended up back in civilization, and Ben was the only remaining person who “knows” how to get back the island and rescue the ones left behind… That would explain why Jack was so upset about this person passing away as alot of secrets die with him – mainly the location of the island.

 4. The coffin was kind of short, and Ben is kind of a short guy. 


54 Responses to Lost – Who’s in the coffin

  1. Yeah, that’s my take too – the coffin was Ben’s.

    Btw, why do you assume that only Jack and Kate left the island? Surely they would insist people like Claire & Sun (who was going to die) leave the island before they do… plus Desmond’s vision was of Claire & Aaron getting on a helicopter.

  2. Slinger says:

    I thought the coffin was a normal size, but I am no expert. I think what we saw was a glimpse of the what could be if they do get rescued by the freighter. I think it was the island’s way of showing Locke what may happen if they leave, they will all get bad karma. Locke told Jack “You’re not supposed to do this Jack” like Locke knows what will happen.

    I am just so captivated by the finale, it was incredible! Can’t wait to see how season 4 starts.

  3. slimslaby says:

    I can see many reasons why only Jack/Kate might leave the island alone. They might get seperated from everyone else. I also think it’s now clear that the freighter is of completely unknown origins at this point.

    One thing that is frustrating about the show sometimes is they never ask questions that you would ask immediately — like… “Explain yourself Locke”. It’s like they have a complete inability to ask the right questions, and that kind of makes certain situations implausible.

    Then you have situations where they seemingly forget what is going on —

    Ben’s like… “hey, let me use my radio… just for five minutes…” If that never happens, then the near shooting of the 3 at the camp never happens.

    It’s the same deal as when Jack was operating on Ben and he goes “Give me 3 minutes with Juliette alone…” Is anyone really that dumb ? I’d be like, “you ain’t got many minutes left, so you better say what you have to say in front of me… or I can make sure they will be your last few minutes”

    Those situations are just implausible to me.

  4. hm. says:

    it’s also very likely that it’s not anyone we know yet.

  5. slimslaby says:

    That’s very true, and like you said very likely. I think it was a good teaser for the next season, cause you realize that they will actually get off the island — at least Jack and Kate. (Maybe Sawyer as well)

    Does anyone else miss Ecko ? I hate that they killed off his character, and I still don’t understand “why”.

  6. Foomandoonian says:

    Nah, I think it has to be Sawyer. I think Kate will get closer to Sawyer, and at some point they will have a *major* falling out. Sawyer seems like the kind of guy who will alienate all his friends. He seems to be redeeming himself somewhat at the moment, but I think this is only temporary…

    Also, I don’t think Ben will be around much longer. ‘The Others’ time has passed I think, and season 4 will be about ‘The Islanders’ vs. ‘The Outsiders’ (ie. The people on the ship). Locke will replace Ben as the islands main voice (and I think the real protagonist of Lost!).

  7. injadaninja says:

    It could also be John Locke! If you look closely to the newspaper clipping it says:

    April 5th 2007
    Los Angeles
    Man found dead in
    downtown loft

    “The body of Jo…[unreadable]…[a]ntham of
    New York was discovered shortly after 4
    a.m. in the…[unreadable]…of Grand
    Avenue. Ted…[unreadable]…man at The
    Tower…[unreadable]…heard loud
    noises…[unreadable]…antham’s loft.
    [unreadable]… [sa]fety, he
    [unreadable]…discovered the
    [unreadable]…a beam in the

  8. slimslaby says:

    I doubt that Locke would leave the Island except by force, and in that case he’d be the one trying the hardest to get back. It would seem that the reason Jack was so upset about the person dying, was that it blocked him from getting back to the island.

    It’s definitely not Sawyer — Didn’t Kate say she had to get back to “him”. Although they could be trying to get you to think that it’s Sawyer she’s got to get back to.

  9. slimslaby says:

    Wasn’t there a more clear picture of the paper before he ripped out that section ? Would be interesting to get a zoom in on that.

  10. anntom says:

    Did anyone notice that Jack said to the surgeon, “Go talk to my father, I bet he is drunker than I am?” Jack was taking his dead Dad back from Australia, so how can it be his Dad?

  11. Nathan says:

    But the coffin was also in a funeral home that was in a section of town that looked decidedly African American, and the attendant there was also African American, which wouldn’t really make sense if Ben was in the coffin.
    It would kinda make sense if Walt was in the coffin, because of the neighborhood and the size of the coffin, but that would be a stretch.

  12. T Square says:

    I finally watched the LOST ender last night on DVR. Several things were basically, well, stupid about that episode.

    1. First and foremost, no way would that VW bus ever run! There are sooo many issues with that sequence that it would require it’s own blog.
    2. Dude with the spear set squarely in his heart would not have EVER gotten up, much less be able to hold his breath for several minutes. That part was just Stephen-King dumb.
    3. There was no need for Charlie to close the door. All he had to do was run out off the room. There was plenty of time for Desmond and him to jump in the pool and swim topside. Dumb. (I don’t think Charlie is really dead either.)

    Those are the main areas where I think this eposide failed it’s loyal viewers.

    Overall, I liked the show, just not those sequences. There were several other scenes that were silly, but I really liked Sawyer shooting Tom and Jack beating the hell out of Ben and several of the “Others” finally getting toasted.

    The coffin: It could be anybody. The flash-forward segments could be years away, who knows what may have happened?

  13. slimslaby says:

    I don’t think it’s completely unbelievable that the bus would run after all those years, it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

    The guy getting hit in the heart with the spear and getting up was nuts, I would have definitely ensured the job was finished. I’ll have to agree with you on that one.

    I didn’t understand why Charlie didn’t just leave the room and shut the door either… made no sense. Unless he felt that unless he died, Claire could not be saved. But after you have pushed the button, wouldn’t you think you did what was needed ?

  14. babyback says:

    Dude getting hit with the spear clearly has the same healing power as locke. Remember when he walked through the force field?

  15. jaeka says:

    I didn’t even think it could of been Ben’s. I was thinking that Ben was killed by the people who Ben was afraid of coming. At first I was thinking hthe coffin was Sawyers, then Kate came along and she had to get back to someone, and I thought may have been Sawyer. But neither Kate nor Sawyer, according to their past, can stay in a steady relationship, so I am unsure about them being together. But, Kate could be pregnant, from Sawyer, as it was briefly mentioned. I have watched Lost from the first episode in season 1, and by far this is the best episode yet.

  16. vinewhine says:

    I think the person in the coffin could possibly be Rose (who had cancer before coming to the island..). The person in the coffin might be someone we know from the island as by a different name, going by their middle name on the island, etc.

    Whoever it is, it was enough to make Jack break down. Here’s a theory:

    Whoever this person is, they suffered from something that Jack also suffers from. He’s in great physical pain, which is why the Oxycotin.

    Also, I think there is a large space of time between the scenes of preparing for the Others to come to camp, and when the Others actually arrived. I think the scenes after that is from Jack RETURNING to the island (his hair is more grey), and they are trying to correct something bad that happened before. Remember when Jack told Juliette she didn’t have to go back with Sawyer? She said, “Yeah, I kinda do.” There were a lot of phrases like that in the last part.

    Also, the “Walt” on the island isn’t really Walt. It’s the form Jacob chose to take in talking to Locke. Jacob is the “force” that enables Locke to walk, and Rose to live, etc.

    ALSO, did anyone catch that Danielle’s child was born on the island? Didn’t Juliette say there is something about the island that killed babies when they were born? And that is why they kidnapped Claire when she was pregnant so they could try out a new drug to keep the baby alive?

    Lots of lose ends, for sure!

    Oh btw, I too, believe Charlie is alive.

  17. kris says:

    Babies created off the island and born on the island are fine. Its the babies conceived on the island that can not survive.

  18. Lucy says:

    Jack said “Either” NOT “Neither” when the guy said friend or family?..watch back on youtube and you’l see! so now i’m more confused!

  19. Lucy says:

    Charlie had to die at some point because of Desmonds flashbacks…and also..he didn’t re-new his contract with the writers apparently..so i doubt he’l be back!

    Yeh the spear guy was maddness storyline since he got stabbed in the heart..but then…surely if your in pain it shudnt be too hard to float in water for a few mins before u blow urself up? u seem lighter in water dontcha so sure he could manage those few minutes.

    I Can’t wait for season 4 to start already! i want answers!! lol.

    I Think Jack & Kate killed someone thats why Jack said something like “We shouldnt have done it! i can’t lie anymore!” so he turned up at funeral coz he’s guilty yet Kate isn’t so she said “why would i go to the funeral” and i think the person in the casket was someone we don’t know yet and are yet to see in the next series

  20. TBoS says:

    This show keeps getting better!!

    Well, my first take is that Kate is shacked up with Sawyer… when Kate said to Jack in the flashfuture that “he’ll be wondering where I am” – I immediately thought of Sawyer after that episode. The natural progression for them if they were to be rescued.

    Also, going on a previous theory – that Jack’s father is alive (though I think his statement of “bring my father down here” was purely in reference to that fact that he was a drunk when he was alive) could it be that Jacks father is Jacob. We know there is an entity of ‘Jacob’ but no clear image so it could well be.

  21. FozCat says:

    I’m pretty certain that Michael was in the coffin. We know from Jack that some people who leave the island commit suicide, we know the only one who left the island was Michael. The funeral parlor was in an african-american neighborhood. Michael was the only one who noone would care about (no family or friends), who Jack woud possily think Kate could care about, and who Jack might identify with for wanting to get off the island initially.

    Also there’s the whole “if you leave the island you go nuts, grow a beard and pray you’re going to crash back on the island or you’ll want to kill yourself” thing. Maybe Michael comitted suicide after leaving the island…..

  22. Stepen says:

    would walt not be an funeral if it was Michael?

  23. slimslaby says:

    Well.. it seems like this was a suicide situation. Michael might commit suicide if something happened to Walt. That might also explain why no one is there.

  24. Stepen says:

    Yeah but what would stop the others going to Walts funeral if its him in the confin? Nobody has a grudge against Walt not to go. I think its either Locke or Ben. Its most likely Ben but it someone who knew that they shouldnt leave the Island

  25. SDR says:

    Here’s what someone has deciphered from the crumpled newspaper clipping seen in Jack’s hand -he then calls Kate- the shot isn’t that clear but most of it seems well extracted …. what do you think?

    “The body of John Lantham of New York was found shortly after 4 am in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue.Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud noises coming from the victim’s loft. Concerned for tenants’ safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in the living room.According to Jaime Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was deemed a suicide after medical tests. Latham (sic) is survived by one teenaged son. Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home tomorrow evening.”

    HERE’S THE IMAGE LINK – paste it in and check it out

  26. slimslaby says:

    I don’t see where it says teenaged son in there.

  27. Alvar Hanso says:

    The text from the newspaper clip was never clearly visible on the screen; that blurb from SDR, above, was teleplay that got leaked to the internet from a junior associate at ABC who worked on the reshoots of the Season 3 finale in LA. Regardless…

    Maybe it *is* Michael. Maybe Michael returned to civilization only to discover that everyone believed he (and the other survivors of 815) were dead (as Naomi suggested). Maybe Ben’s eerie warning: “if you tell anyone, someone will find out what you did to get off the island” turns out to be true? Perhaps Michael assumes a new identity? Maybe the teenaged son mentioned in the article could be Walt?

    The truth is, we can’t possibly know who was in the coffin. The writers of LOST did an excellent job with that little scene, knowing full well it would hook us. I personally cannot wait for next February. Season 4 will definitely be interesting…

  28. Malan Zweber Kavajec says:

    Maybe John Latham is James (SAWYER) Ford’s alias? He was a con man just like Anthony Cooper, who also had many alias names.

    Jack was certain that Kate would be at the funeral. The person in the coffin was connected to both Kate and Jack.

    It probably wasn’t Ben. Why would anybody want to go to his funeral

    That’s a pretty cool pic of the Newspaper clip! I can’t make out many of the words that some people are coming up with.

    If it does say Teenage son, this son could be the son of Sawyer described in the Prison episode, where Sawyer learns that he had a son with one of the women. Didn’t Sawyer aquire some money and earned an early release? And didn’t Sawyer leave a large sum of money to the son (this could be the teenage son). Of course, JAMES SAWYER FORD and JOHN LATHAM (from the Obit) would need to be one in the same.

    What big event would have happened to push Kate away from Sawyer to prevent her from going to Sawyer’s funeral. Was Kate related to the innocent man that Sawyer killed in Australia (thinking it was Cooper). Did Sawyer sleep with Juliet – that wouldn’t be enough to push Kate away.

    It’s going to be the longest wait for season 4. I think the next season starts out with them getting rescued. And the Term LOST will take on another meaning. Instead of being LOST on the Island, they will be even more lost in their Lives. Perhaps Ben is right, there only hope in their life is for them to remain on the island.

    I don’t think it’s JOHN LOCKE in the Coffin. #1 he didn’t want to leave the island. #2 he didn’t want anybody else to leave the island. #3 John Locke would have had at least a handful of people at his Funeral, don’t you think? Unless of course he scared the gang away!

    Is it February 2008 yet?????

  29. Matther says:

    What Jack says in the funiral home got me. Well its not any of his Family so thats out the window. Unless it is a member of his family but he doesnt consider them family because hes unaware or they’ve hurt him before/after the island.

    If its not a friend this could also mean that it was a friend…but they’ve done something to him to lose his friendship, This gives me the idea that its John. (Shoting Naomi/Almost stopping him from calling the ship to get saved.) Also..no one was there. On the island when John shoots Naomi everyone seems shocked/upset so he may have lost all his “Frinds” in that one moment, also he doesnt have any family. Like Ben he killed his father. And the comment above suggests that he may have commited suicide.

    “I don’t think it’s JOHN LOCKE in the Coffin. #1 he didn’t want to leave the island. #2 he didn’t want anybody else to leave the island. #3 John Locke would have had at least a handful of people at his Funeral, don’t you think? Unless of course he scared the gang away!”

    If he did not want to leave the island maybe he was forced somehow. So the pain of leaving caused him to maybe get him back in the wheelchair…..who knows?

    Ben: If this “short” coffin is indeed Bens then you expect no one to show. His mum/dad is dead. And his daughter and her mother probally want nothing to do with him. he lied to his people and is overall a fake.

    Sawyer: this explaines why jack expects Kate there. but when they meet she says “He’ll be wondering where i am” Which suggests it is indeed sawyer at home. maybe they have a child?

    Anyway, these are my ideas…Most probally wrong, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  30. Laken says:

    I think it’s Ben in the coffin. Remember that journal they showed Ben writing in on the island? If you look at the screen cap of the coffin in the funeral home, that same exact journal is sitting right next to it on a table.

  31. blah blah blah 123 says:

    i personally think its locke because in the end he kinda ticked a few people off if it were me i wouldnt go to his funeral either because he steped in the way of me gettin back to the real world. And the only reason i think jack went was because of there conversation in the end you know its not the right thing we were meant to be here because i know i wasnt the only one thinking he wanted back to the island. plus he was shot ok enough said he was going to die anyway(one kidney and shot well it looked as if he was shot in the other ) and he was most likely forced off the island with the survivors Jack ,Kate , and every body else. he had no family and no friends after that last moment on the island well no friends at least.

  32. Patrice says:

    Hi everybody, in the coffin there is Johnatan lock, 100%, if you give a look, frame by frame, in the little piece of article, before Jack get out of the jeep, you can read the name of body found dead: Jonathan!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Lostaddicted. By Patrice, Torino,Italy.

  33. Barbi says:

    I think the man in the coffin is Locke, and the reason that the coffin was short is because he is going to lose his legs. It is his destiny.

  34. TBone11 says:

    i also believe it is ben. perhaps locke, but unlikely. he wouldnt leave the island if he had the chance.

  35. slimslaby says:

    But what if Locke left “unwillingly”.

    What if he is somehow forced to leave and then is back in a wheelchair ?

  36. Susannah says:

    first of all sawyer had a daugher, clementine, who he left the money to, not a teenage son like somebody said. I also think it’s either ben or locke in the coffin. anyway I dont think they get off the island because there will still be three more seasons of lost so it’s impossable that they would get rescued. but then again desmond did have a vision where claire gets on a helicopter… maybe it’s a bad guy’s helicopter, or maybe just claire gets rescued, I dont know. but I do know that charlie is dead, I saw an interview with Dominic Monaghan (charlie) and he said that he has left the show to do other things. I think he’s doing a movie or something… but he is not comming back to the show, sorry. and also I think naomi’s people on the boat are bad guys. and I think that desmonds girlfriend penny, will show up on the island at some point because she knows where they are now …

  37. Nick Dillon says:

    I would say it was Jack’s coffin. He is surprised because nobody went to his own funeral. Most likely the body looked like Jack when he was on the plane in the
    first episode and the guy didn’t identify “another” jack with a thick beard. The reason Kate didn’t go to the funeral is because she knows he is alive… he’s standing right in front of her. Jack’s only friends… and life were on the island. For some reason he is not supposed to be back. He has already died. There was a mention of this by the girl with the satelite phone who said that everyone on that flight died… And I’m pretty sure there was a mention of the bodies being discovered… So if Jack and the rest of the islanders are able to go back, they must some how be breaking a law of physics or something that would otherwise maintain that they were actually dead. Jack and Kate’s last conversation eludes to this “secret” that they have to keep. Happy Holidays!… And lets hope the writers get what they want and the strike ends soon!

  38. Evan says:

    I believe it is John Locke’s coffin.
    -Neither friend nor family
    -Locke know’s well the magnitude of the island’s secrets and clearly states that they were not supposed to leave the island at that point.
    -The glimpse of the future is a glance of what could happen if they were to leave and I believe that Locke is punished by fate for not keeping them there. Also, the fact that the ship is not Penny’s negatively affects Locke in the future.
    Clearly, there is no way to know who died but I hope it is not Locke for he is my favourite.

  39. Chloe says:

    I agree with you, slimslaby.

    Why do they never ask the questions you want them to ask?

    Locke walks up to them and kills Naomi.
    They ask what the hell he did.

    But then, they didn’t mention anything about the gaping hole in in shirt and all that blood. I mean.. How stupid?

    Also, in 3×16, Julliet takes the case of vaccinations from sawyer after revealling facts about both sawyer and sayid. If I was one of those two, i would have asked the other one about julliets little “facts”.

    And also, do sawyer and kate ever sit and talk about things? I mean, all they seem to do is make out and have sex. –Get real!

    And Finally, Kate and Sawyer returned after being held captive by the others for god knows how long and nobody asked QUESTIONS!!!


  40. blurry says:

    it’s Jack in the coffin-
    time warp and the island is purly experimental-stages of dharma

  41. leendadll says:

    well, we now know that 6 people make it off the island so who else might be in there?

  42. Lost Angela says:

    Right, the Oceanic Six.
    So we know for sure that Kate, Jack, and Hugo (and Charlie’s ghost, lol) make it off the island. I’m hoping that Claire and Aaron are two of the six. I think it’s intirley possible that Michael is in the coffin… but then yes, where is Walt? I liked the idea that Michael kills himself because something happend to Walt.

    I think Sawyer makes it off, because he would stop at nothing I think. But I don’t think it’s Sawyer that Kate “has to get back to”. Personally, I knd of like not knowing yet, you know?

  43. Quinn says:

    I think it isnt a time warp? that isnt what lost is about. i think the people on the boat take jack and kate only and jack needs to get back to the island to have the others. life is difernt not on the island..jack and locke are the only people that understand this

  44. hayden m says:

    i think it was Ben because, Ben is neither friend or family but jack wants to get back. now the Q is why does jack want to go back i think he wants to back because he saw how his dad was alive. i think that we will soon watch jack encounter is dad. just like Hurley did when the cabin was messing with him.

    thats my 2 cents

  45. Neutrality says:

    Good theory! The latest episode showed (SPOILER!) Ben contracting Sayid for assassin work in final seconds, so if it is him, then the flash forwards are complexly distributed to different points in the future, which I doubt. The writers read alot of these types of forums and take pride in interacting with their audience in ways to refute theories directly in the show, so maybe one of them saw this. Kinda cool to consider!

    Since it’s not plausibly Ben, who might remain?

  46. I think it is ben he was bought to the island when he was a child it is certinly not juliet it said it was a man not a woman. It is not james sawyer ford kate and the oceanic 6 would of gone could it be micheal?

  47. johannes says:

    Ben seems to be more complex that

    The Oceanic Six:
    Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid, Ben and Aaron.
    But the coffin remain unknown.

    What could have happend to the rest? KI? Left behind? Then why bringing a corpse?
    Maybe Naomi?

    I guess we just have to wait and see…

  48. bob says:

    Walt is in the coffin, black neighborhood, child size coffin, male with hostility toward because of his dodgy father! Jack being heart felt Jack goes because he feels responsible for everyone. Job done.

    The time warp thing sounded daft but on second thoughts maybe there are a few stuck in the jumping phase Desmond was in and are just trying to find their “constant” within the flash forwards. Thats why there is always talk about going back.!

    who knows? who wants to know? If I knew I wouldn’t watch it. What am I doing even talking about this?

  49. kaycee says:

    i think michael is deffinately in the coffin. the newspaper article said the man died by hanging himself and he that he lived in new york. it also said he had a TEENAGE SON. it has to be michael! it said his name was different though, he probably changed it. i didnt think the coffin was small either

  50. Jessia says:

    The person in the coffin is micheal 100 percent. Lock dies but somehow hes going to come back later on. When sun said there are two people responsible for the death of jinn she ment Jack and her dad..umm what else…sawyer jumps out of the plane because there isnt enough fuel and they need to make the plane lighter therefor that ” big kiss” is ssawyer and kate before he jumps

  51. Jean says:

    Why did Locke have a different name toward the end..and now he is in the casket…I don’t follow…yet.

  52. ocean says:

    lock is in the coffin !!!!!!
    didnt anyone see tht ?

  53. magicboy says:

    i dont get it…..it was shown that it was john locke in the coffin..wats the catch here?

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