Boy kills 1051 lb “Monster Pig”

An Alabama kid killed a 1051 lb, 12 foot long “Monster Pig” with a pistol, and I’m in awe of how large this beast is. Can you imagine running into that thing in the woods ?

The kid said he shot the animal 8 time and chased him for roughly3 hours. Makes me kind of feel bad for the boar, it probably just wanted to get away. Had it decided to take some offensive action, the kid probably would have gotten the worst of it.



32 Responses to Boy kills 1051 lb “Monster Pig”

  1. Deirdre says:

    I heard about this today on a radio station and finally saw the picture of this thing. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to kill it. and Why hasn’t some Game ranger dude prohibit it from being killed. ITs like a marvel of nature.

    I’m not being all PETA like just I personally think something like that should and has earned to live out its full life.

    Plus I heard that they are mounting the head and making sausages out of the body. If its true, which i wouldn’t put it passed them, of course it could and would only happen in the south/country folk.

  2. Ron says:

    How old was the hog when they released it into the game preserve. Where was he kept and raised. Just curious.

  3. Ric says:

    A 12 year old kid has a pistol and chases an animal for three hours to kill it, shooting it eight times? Kid’s a sadist. Belongs in a cage, along with the people who must be so proud of the sick little s.o.b.

  4. Ric says:

    Let me amplify on my remark. The kid inflicts terror and pain on that animal for three hours to make himself feel good. Prop up his ego. Get strokes from the folks.

    Yeah, okay. Definitely a sadist.

  5. slimslaby says:

    I’ll have to agree that I feel pretty bad for the pig, and it’s a bit more sadistic than your average hunting situation. I don’t think it’s really a good idea to be hunting something of that size without something that’s going to close the deal rather quickly.

    There’s a part of me that wishes that Boar turned on him instead of running. I gotta believe that he could do quite a bit of damage before the kid could take him out, if he could at all with the Boar on the offensive. Yeah… I think the story would be a bit more satisfying to me if the kid got tossed around a bit.

  6. Alex says:

    wow…its just like a stupid fuckin redneck to kill everything they see. i agree with deirdre, “ITs like a marvel of nature.” or was….

  7. Rick says:

    The beast was causing damage to the farm. The beast makes yummy sausage. I don’t see the problem. It’s not like this was a sport kill. Trouble making animal becomes food. Sounds like a good plan.

    I hope everyone here that is so upset is a card carrying, vegan member of PETA. At least then you’re consistent.

  8. slimslaby says:

    I don’t think I’m outraged by the killing, it’s the fact that he was basically tortured with pain for 3 hours. Bring a big enough gun to do the job or don’t do it at all.

    I have no trouble with a sport kill. All the hunters I have known have been very sensitive to not letting the animal suffer — ie put it out of it’s misery as soon as possible.

  9. Jo says:

    Wow, some big hunter. I just heard the so-called wild pig was not really wild at all and find it upsetting that this animal was stalked for 3 hours by some 11-year-old punk kid who couldn’t wait for the thrill of a kill. This pig suffered as it took an extremely long time for it to die as obviously the kid’s weapon was not powerful enough. I think it is another case of ignorance on the part of the kid and his parents. To see the boy posing with his proud catch is a joke as this animal didn’t have much of a chance. Geez, maybe the stupid kid can now plan an exciting trip to a catfish farm where he can hook a fish in 2 seconds and stand beside his catch for a second photo.

  10. JR says:

    yea thats fucked up 3 hours of tryin to kill it how would that kid feel if i beat on him for 3 hours

  11. jordyn says:

    I feel really bad about that pig it should have been kept at a zoo or something so nothing like this could happen to it. Why would a 12 yr old have a pistol anyway? If they make sauges out of this pig i would just cry or if they mount the head. That is just wrong! This is horable the pig should have had a right to live somewhere and not put there so that it got shot. What if the pig turned and tried to eat the boys head off or something, seriously that boy has problems. I CANT BELEIVE IT! Who does this sorta of thing? Plus on top of all of that the pig didnt do anything!

  12. jeff says:

    yall are rediculous. its a freakin pig. do you know how much sausage that thing could yield?

  13. karma says:

    it was very bad. i feel sad for the poor pig. seems like pig was just getting away….sick kid. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT…..this is very horrible…

  14. Ben says:

    Poor pig. That’s not hunting, thats cruel and unusual punishment. That sadistic punk would fully deserve if that pig turned around and beat him to death, I wouldn’t shed a tear. The animal was only trying to run away and that kid had to make it bleed to death for three hours.

    He’s the kinda person who kills just for the heck of it. No way in hell he killed it to eat, if he did he would have gone after a smaller pig with a bigger gun. He was just out with a freakin BB gun to shoot squirrels, then decides, “Oh! I’m gonna kill something bigger! That’ll make everyone proud of me!” I think that every person who congratuated him has a sick and twisted mind.

  15. AJ says:

    Well, a 12 year-old carrying a pistol around, especially one as massively disproportional as that one in the picture (zoom in, the f*&^ing pistol’s huge) is ridiculous. So is chasing an animal that big around for 3 hours while attempting to kill it with the wrong gun, hit it with a slug or two, not that. Which would lead you to believe maybe this was planned beforehand, that the parents decided “hey lets give Billy a chance to go prove himself with that six-shooter.”
    I dont know what’s wrong with these people, but to let a little kid shoot a pig that big and chase it around for so long is insane. And does that pistol have a scope on it? wtf?

  16. mike says:

    i agree with jess you guys are over reacting its a freaking pig for christ sakes, what about all the animals that get torn apart and eaten alive by predators every day. So shut up damn tree huggers.

  17. dudes, ok
    im a hunter
    i shoot deer as a sport u know
    but i only shoot one, and its with an appropriate gun and a license i buy to do it
    this little m.f. needs to b the one hunted and shot at
    this pig did nutin
    thatd b like someone seein a giant for once and going hey haha im a dumb redneck who thinks shooting somethin thats so amazin that should b shared with the world alive is fun
    not sayin i believe in giants but just an example
    i think we should make a special license we can buy ………..
    jus so we can shoot this kid and then make dumb*** meat outta him
    and “sell it to the public”
    hes a dirty little hobo who has no life
    if u ppl readin this cant tell
    i dont like this kid already…………..

  18. Forrest says:

    obviously you sick assholes have never seen your food killed, that’s what a bunch of ribs, pork chops, bacon & sausage looks like.
    don’t want to hear the crap about a big enoug gun, hogs have shoulders like armor plate. congratulations kid.

  19. wtf says:

    what a fucking dumbass

  20. poopinurshoes says:

    that pig is ballin yo, props to the gangsta that dropped that beast, prolly eats lil childs for a snack…i woulda pooped in his shoe and smacked that pig downtown, this kid is a crazy hunterkiller.


    that kid is amost as big as that kid!! holy shit thats crazy giglits

  22. Annonymous says:

    If that picture is real – they should put that kid in jail !

  23. James says:

    I think what the kid did was wrong. I think a creature that majestic should have been left alone. Despite the killing of that animal being wrong, That kid is simply too young to bear a firearm. Children play with guns like they are toys. They play hunter and end a life. They do not know what it is like to lose a ones life. What if someone came into there home and shot his parents. Is that what it would take for him to realize the value of life?

  24. Champ says:

    congrats kid your a real hero to all rednecks in washington

  25. Tracy says:

    You are a terrible kid. Why would you kill this creature and why are you not in jail? Why do you have a gun??

  26. steve says:

    Fat faced little asshole, w t f gives him the right to persue and butcher an incredible and VERY rare beast like that, it utterly barbaric, the thought that there are people in this world that think this is ok.. worse still that are proud of the little prick.. I eat sausage, and bacon.. fine no probs as long as the animals are cared for in life and slaughtered quickly and humanely with as little discomfort as possible… can you imagine the torture of being hounded and shot for 3 hours? slowly bleeding to death from multiple non lethal wounds.. personally I would inflict 3 hours torture on the parent in front of the child, followed swiftly by 3 hours extreme torture on the child in front of the parents… an incredible creature, gone from this world in the worst possible way.. doesn’t it just make you proud to be a human.. gosh arn’t we clever and brave..

    • carly says:

      Steve, unfortunately the animals that you eat do not have a nice life and a quick humane death there’s no such thing. ‘Happy meat’ ‘Free range’ is all mostly a load of crap, propaganda to make you feel less guilty about eating it.

      Even if they did have a ‘nice’ life, they would still be killed prematurely, be taken from their mother/have their babies taken off them and the sent cramped up in the truck to the slaughter house just to smell and hear the blood and fear of other animals in front of them. Not to mention that the stunners dont always work and animals end up being hung up on hooks still alive etc…

      I suggest you do some research into what REALLY goes on. You seem like you have a brain so I hope you do!

  27. Paddy says:

    I am always amazed that there are still folks who can disagree with someone hunting for substinance. These are the some folks that believe the meat they eat somehow commited suicide in order to become a steak, chicken burger, or side of bacon. If you really believe that their life was filled with days of romping in sun filled meadows, being cared for by futuring farmers and tenderly dispatched while being held in the hands of a sympathetic vet, you are delusional. If you want to discuss how this kid killed the animal go ahead, however, don’t confuse this issue with your views on hunting for food. I am also concerned with several comments about country folk and rednecks. Do you really believe that urbanites are morally superior to those from rural communities?

  28. Rollinger says:

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  29. Jjesus says:

    that kid is fucking badass! feel bad for the boar but the kid killed that bigass pig with a little airsoft gun! that is some legit shit!

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