Reincarnation Station – What are you coming back as ?

What are you coming back as ? Take this test to find out – Reincarnation Station 

I got this link from my favorite video blogger – grams1944

You just take a quick test and it determines what you will come back as in your next life. I am coming back as a dog, so I’m not sure what that means, but I think I’m ok with it. I guess it depends on what kind of dog though, I don’t think I’d want to be someone’s lap dog… They really should tell me what breed, dog is just too general. I’m thinking A dog’s life can vary greatly based on breed.

This quiz actually made me think about the potenital scientific side of reincarnation. My theory – Our brains are pretty much electrical, so when we die that electrical energy is released from the body and gets absorbed by something. It could be the wall, a bug, another person, whatever happens to be in the way. Someone touching or even being around an object with such energy on it might also absorb or detect some of that energy.

It would kind of explain why areas where people die tend to be seen as “haunted”. It’s common to hear people who claim to have seen ghosts note that they appear to be doing things they did when alive. Maybe it’s not a ghost, but you are experiencing someone elses thoughts/being via this electrical energy. Maybe deja-vu can be explained by this theory as well. You never know who’s energy you might have absorbed, so steer clear of places where people die… you just might pick up a part of them.

Grams1944 blocks people from watching videos unless they go to her page, trust me it’s worth the link… She’s kind of like the Church Lady, you’ll really enjoy her charm and wisdom on a variety of subjects each day — including cats that pee in the dryer.


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