Rosie – Big Headed Baby Quits… Again

Why is it that everyone seems to be jumping behind Rosie O’Donnell in this whole The View debacle ? Doesn’t anyone else remember the “Rosie” magazine debacle ?!?!? Doesn’t anyone see the similarities ? Rosie doesn’t get her way, so she quits and makes a big deal out of it ?

Am we supposed to feel bad for her ? She expressed her “views” as did Elizabeth, and they disagreed and argued. Now suddenly Rosie has to quit because she feels she’s a victim or something ? I have never watched The View on TV, but I am constantly seeing clips of Rosie opening her own mouth about any number of subjects. Why is she so offended when someone else doesn’t agree with her ??

She’s a big baby in my opinion. I don’t even care if she is wrong or right in this case. She didn’t get talked to any differently than she talks to other people. I find it even funnier that she drags her lesbianism into the picture in that clip, as if that has anything to do with it… Maybe the big baby felt the need to take it up a notch to get her way.

Why is it that Rosie can’t seem to have a conversation without making it personal ? I’m sure the co-workers at her failed magazine are well aware of that tendency. Go home you big baby. I’m sure everyone on the show is glad the 900 lb elephant is now leaving the room.


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