Sopranos – Disappoints


I’ll have to say I was really looking forward to the Sopranos finale, but now that it’s over I am really feeling like I invested a pretty significant chunk of my life in something with very little payoff. The cut to black and no music while the credits ran was just ridiculous. Phil getting his melon rolled over was good, but I think you have to deliver a bit more than that in a serues finale.

Is it just me or did the finale seem pretty disconnected from just about everything that was great about the series in the beginning ? It all just seemed completely anti-climactic. I’d say that it was probably my least favorite episode of the entire series. There are so many ways they could have made it more interesting – like someone on the inside betraying Tony and aiding Phil’s guys in attempting a whack on Tony. Something.. anything!! I walked away from the TV just a wee bit sour.

Unless this ending is leaving the door open for a movie, this was a pretty sadistic ending for those of us who followed this series for so long.


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  1. Stugots says:

    Here’s the problem: what kind of ending would have pleased the most people? If you kill off Tony, you kill a Soprano Movie or Movies, and we never see these people again. Also, you probably kill off DVD sales.

    So, for me, Tony needed to live, but, as always, you just don’t know who might be tired of his crap and whack him. It was kind of “business as usual” with NO Grand Finale – the best way to end – it keeps going on, or does it? That’s the Beauty of The Sopranos.

  2. slimslaby says:

    I don’t know that it is the “beauty of the sopranos” as you say. I really felt like it was almost completely disconnected from what the show has been about all these seasons.

    It seemed like alot of the storylines were just ignored in the end or not really given a worthwhile or engaging resolution or outcome. Carmella’s struggle with Tony… A.J.’s struggle with Tony… Meadow’s struggle with Tony… Janice’s struggle with Tony… Dr. Melfi’s struggle with Tony.

    The only worthwhile resolution/outcome was Phil’s head getting rolled over by an SUV. Far too many loose ends left dangling for my taste. Maybe there is a movie planned to tie them all up. But, this was just a big letdown for me.

    Many feel that the cut to black was Tony being whacked. Which I can accept if that is the case, but still rather weak for an ending of such a great series.

    See “Scarface” for an example of how to finish off an epic story.

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