Pavlik vs Taylor – It’s time to start believing in ghosts

PavlikVSTaylorIf you saw Pavlik dispose of Miranda, you know that Jermain Taylor is about to lose his title. Pavlik is the real deal, and deceptively so. He doesn’t look like the guy who is going to destroy Taylor if you just look at him, but if you’ve watched any of his fights you are probably thinking someone should check his gloves to see if he’s hiding bricks in them.

I think Pavlik might just end up the #1 pound for pound fighter in the very near future. You heard it here first. It’s time to start believing in ghosts!


4 Responses to Pavlik vs Taylor – It’s time to start believing in ghosts

  1. maryjo says:

    you ‘re just dreaming!!

  2. slimslaby says:

    Taylor has looked pretty lackluster in his last few bouts. His trainer Emmanuel Steward has made a number of comments during HBO broadcasts regarding him pretty much ignoring his advice in the corner at times. A fighter can become very vulnerable when they underestimate an opponent. Miranda did just that, and ended up on the canvas.

    You have obviously already written Pavlik off, and if Taylor has as well… I think he’s gonna become a believer in ghosts.

    While Tayler goes about winning fights on decisions and even settled for a draw against Wright, Pavlik goes about destroying opponents. Miranda was pretty much the most feared contender to Taylor’s title previous to getting knocked out by Pavlik. I really don’t think Taylor can knock Pavlik out. He hasn’t really shown to be the kind of guy who’s going to knock people out, and Pavlik took some pretty heavy punches from Miranda without being staggered – so you know he has a chin.

    Taylors game is going the distance. Pavlik’s is destroying the opponent. This is a much different fight than what Taylor has faced in his past 5 fights. Is he ready ?

  3. james says:

    i ‘am the best i will crush all them and i will be like the ghost buster to pavlik i will end his new belt cus this is aka james lights out mah”……..

  4. Battin says:

    This post is what is am searching exactly! thank you for the information

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